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A vital element in executing a successful install job, whether it is a new job, a retrofit or an expansion of an existing AV solution, is having flexibility in your audio networking solution. An audio networking solution that can easily accommodate the needs of the designer and installer can make a big difference in cost and time savings. The Dante™ audio networking solution offers multiple capabilities that make this possible.

  • Take advantage of IT/AV convergence and leverage existing IT equipment – switches, cables, routers, etc.
  • Allow mixing and matching of 100Mb and Gigabit Ethernet links on the same network.
  • Enable the designer to have unicast, multicast or both forms of audio transmission on the same network for efficient use of bandwidth.
  • No unnecessary need to create multiple VLANs simply to accommodate a large installation.
  • Have control, monitoring and audio on the same network thereby minimizing installation costs.

In addition, Dante offers easy-of-use, straight forward debugging and lower latency. The end result is an installation with cost savings, easy maintenance and future proofed for expansion.

OEMs will want to consider the following Audinate products:

Installations that have taken advantage of Dante’s flexibility are:install_image

  • Sydney Opera House, Sydney, AUS
  • Sands Casino, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Hylton Memorial Chapel, Virginia, USA
  • Circuit Court System,  Florida, USA
  • Twickenham Stadium, UK




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