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MI Market

The MI industry represents Music Instruments and Music Products creating a $17 billion dollar industry. Products for music professional and hobbyists include musical instruments, control surfaces, interface boxes, and recording solutions and interfaces.

Audinate’s Dante™ digital networking offers the musicians a high quality, sample accurate transport of uncompressed audio, with ultra low latency. It offers all the power and capabilities of Dante's auto configuration, self discovery, control and monitoring, and very low latency as well as all the other easy to use Dante features.

Connecting these products by Ethernet provides the end user with much greater capabilities and flexibility. Dante's unique Ethernet based connectivity  provides for shared use of the inputs and outputs thus allowing for multiple control surfaces, DAWs, and monitoring functions to be platform independent,  and have any networked channel accessed simultaneously.

For example, DAWs could share the same sources and could work cross platform from Mac to PC. By replacing FireWire with an Ethernet connection, Dante eliminates the short cable lengths and limitation of channels that Firewire interfaces impose.

OEMs will want to consider the following Audinate products:mi-image

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