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Apr 14-Microsoft Digs Deep Into Dante
Pro Sound News by Steve Harvey

Microsoft Production Studios, a full-service digital media production facility located on the company's 500-acre campus 15 miles east of Seattle in Redmond, WA, is in the midst of upgrading to a comprehensive Audinate Dante network. The network ties together the audio production and post-production audio suites and intercom systems at the complex and across the campus.

Apr 14-Audio over IP: Audinate and Barix Talk-ZioGiorgio talks about Audio over IP with the representatives of two of the most important companies in the sector: Audinate and Barix.
ZioGiorgio by Alex Panella - ZioGiorgio Editor 

Many are the companies and protocols fighting in this arena, but two of them stand out from the crowd for their professionalism, thier commitment to both the industry and the clients and for their ability to develop what have become benchmark products/protocols for the sector: Audinate and Barix. We think they need no further introduction.

Mar 14-What's New. A recap of the AV Networking World's recent event held in Amsterdam on February 3, 2014
inavateonthenet.com by Steve Montgomery

"The interest shown in audio networking from both attendees and Audinate's participating partners indicates very firmly that  this is a technology that is rapidly gaining a foothold in the AV world as an extremely comprehensive and capable method of delivering multi-channel audio streams around buildings and locations of all sizes and all types of applications from residential entertainment systems to the largest auditorium or shopping centre."

Mar 14-Making Digital Audio Networking Easy-Part 2
AudioXpress by Joao Martin (Editor-in-Chief)

The story of Audinate and its Dante audio networking implementation is one of the most interesting examples of perseverance and focus in the industry.  The evolution to an industry standard results from a clear vision of market needs and the ability to fulfill thoes necessities with practical implementation of converging technologies.  This is part 2 of a 2 part series.

Feb 14-Masque Sound Provides Audio For Queen of the Night, Theatrical Dinner Experience
Install Part of $20 Million Renovation to New York’s Diamond Horseshoe at the Paramount Hotel

In consultation with Masque Sound, Coes and West put together a Dante digital sound network that allows them the ability to control anything in the space and send audio to anywhere within the space.  “Because we are covering more than 20 individual rooms with more than 48-channels of playback and 36-channels of control beyond that playback, we felt the Dante system was the best option to achieve our goal,” says Coes. 

Feb 14-Editor's Comment
Pro Sound News Europe by Dave Robinason, Editor

PSNE Editor Dave Robinson comments about Dante, AVB and the future of digital media networking.

Feb 14-Dante Connects the Circles of Networking for Greater Connectivity
PSNEurope's Audio for Broadcast 

Audio networking and general interconnection of systems has long been at the heart of TV and radio installations but in recent years these technologies have taken on even greater importance and significance with the introduction of databased file-transports, usually over fibre optic links.

Feb 14--Dante Makes an AES67 Date
Pro Sound News Europe by David Davies

The momentum behind AES67 continues with Audinate's decision to incorporate the standard into Dante. But what-if any-does this mean for AVB?

Feb-Mar 14--Ritz-Carlson Herzlia Redefines Mediterranean Hospitality-
Systems Integrations Asia

Ritz-Carlton Hotel group recently launched its latest luxury property, and first in Israel, taking the luxury hospitality in the Mediterranean to a new fascinating high. Bringing together rich blend of international expertise in structure and texture of the place, the newest Ritz-Carlton in the sea front town of Herzlia, north of Tel Aviv, seeks to redefine luxury hospitality that has synched a high degree of audio-visual systems. Playing central to the technology experience is Symetrix. An exclusive account from SIA

Jan 14--INSITE-From A to D-What's Happening with Digital Audio Networking?
Live Sound International by Gary Parks

Read a brief history of digital audio networking in live sound, how it was being used and how Dante is leading the way in the future.

Jan-Feb 14--Breaking the Horizon on DSP
Pro Systems By David Davies

Digital signal processing has already brought untold flexibility to a wealth of install applications.  But with full-scale networking likely to become the default, could it be that an even more exciting era is just around the corner?  Read how Symetrix and Dante are working together as DSP enters into the next phase of evolution.

Jan 14-Arsenio Audio Staff Pumped About Yamaha CL Digital Consoles

“The Dante network has been very stable, and the Yamaha CL consoles are very easy to set up and use with classic Yamaha reliability. I also appreciate the extra DCA’s, effects rack, and custom fader banks.”

Jan 14-Solutions: Toision D'or, Dijon-Installation of the Month
Twenty years after its inauguration, the Toison d'Or shopping centre needed work to maintain its position as the ultimate shopping destination in France's Burgundy region.

Installation Magazine by James McGrath

"We chose Dante because it not only offers us simplicity when networking the different zones and managing various sources, but it also gives the possibility of future extension (with a wide range of products from different manufacturers) and provides a low-latency protocol for the Piano zone"

Jan 14--Norway's top universities equipped with Symetrix Solus processors
Audio Pro International by Adam Savage

“Generally speaking, the Radius 12x8 and Solus DSPs offer the processing power and versatility required for academic-type installations,” said André Dominic Schorr, AV senior consultant/programmer at Atea. “In most cases, we are talking about general purpose lecture room audio, streaming and sharing of content, and flexible routing to and from different lecture halls and teaching spaces. The Radius 12x8 and Solus 16 are entirely capable of handling such tasks, but there is no doubt that Dante networking affords even greater flexibility, so the level of interest in those solutions is definitely on the rise.”

Jan 14 Making Digital Audio Networking Easy
AudioXpressd by Joao Martin (Editor-in-Chief)

The story of Audinate and its Dante audio networking implementation is one of the most interesting examples of pervseverence and focus in the industry.  The evolution to an industry standard results from a clear vision of market needs and the ability to fulfill those necessities with practical implementation of converging technologies.  This is part 1 of a 2 part series.

Dec 13 Theatre Sound-Returning to its Roots
Audio Media by Jory MacKay

After almost 90 years of being ravaged by war, weather and economic down turn, the Capitol Theatre in Wroclaw, Poland, has been returned to its former glory after a 2 years of extensive renovation. Read how Yamaha, RedNet and Dante help make this classic structure into a extremely modern audio system. 

Nov/Dec 13-Dante: Digital Audio Networking Just Got Easy

Entertainment Technology Asia

This article is based on one of Audinate's must popular white papers which addresses the case for shifting from an analogue distribution to digital networking. The paper discusses the benefits of digital networking, limitation of products by other vendors, and the unsurpassed quality advantages that can be provided by Audinate’s Dante technology.

Oct 13 RedNet in Action
Resolution Magazine By David Kennedy

As the first phase of what is billed as the world's largest Focusrite RedNet audio network installation gets underway, the London College of Music has found itself at the forefront of the audio networking revolution and they're thrilled with its possibitities.

 Oct 13 Showtime Boxing Adopts Shure ULX-D
Musical Merchandise Review

For Showtime Championship Boxing, the ULX-D receiver integration of Dante digital audio networking is a big highlight. “We initially overlooked the benefits of Dante, but now in speaking with Greg’s team about their gear use, we’ve learned how Dante has really eliminated a lot of headaches for them,” Barbuti continued. “Having reliable, low latency audio transport that can coexist safely on the same network as IT and control data has been a great way to simplify set up. Tim Arden, the show’s RF operator, works with Greg to distribute the ULX-D signals to FOH, monitors, press rooms, and more.”

Oct 13- Focusrite RedNet Modular Ethernet-Networked Interface Series
Pro Audio Review by Rob Tavaglione

The efficiencies and workflows of networked audio systems have become expected necessities these days, so when a pro audio industry player like Focusrite enters the fray, I believe it’s a big deal. Through RedNet, Focusrite has combined digital audio hardware interfaces, proprietary software control and “audio over IP” networking via Audinate’s Dante solution and Dante Controller software.

Oct 13-The State Of Modern Networking Solutions-Focusrite RedNet: A Case in Point
Pro Sound News By Phil Wagner

Phil Wagner president of Focusrite Audio Engineering’s US subsidiary Focusrite Novation talks about digital media
networking, Dante and their very successful RedNet Modular Ethernet Networked Interface Series

Oct 13- Park Avenue Tunnel Art Installation uses Audinate's Dante
System Contractors News

The famed Park Avenue Tunnel in midtown Manhattan has been closed to pedestrians for nearly 180 years. Over three weekends this August that changed. A dramatic art installation took over and the city closed traffic for the first time to make way for “Voice Tunnel,” an incandescent, echoing and interactive art show from artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

Sept 13- Audinate's Dante-the local network that went global
CX Magazine-September 2013 by Jason Allen

Audinate's Dante protocol is dominating the world of networked audio, yet many people dont realise that the company is proudly Australian. Read the how a small start up spun out of a Goverment funded research project has become one of the most important digital media networking player in the market today.

Aug13- View From the Top- Making the Connection-An Interview with Lee Ellison
Pro Sound News August 2013

Pro Sound News interviews Audinate's CEO on topics ranging from how he got involved with Audinate, the evolution of Dante and where the company is going.

Jul13- World leaders count on Yamaha at G8 summit
LSI Online

"With Dante being integral to the Yamaha CL Series, it allowed us to connect all of our systems to one central hub from which we could control everything. We needed a system which could cope with a high number of exchanges and the Dante network did exactly that. It made our lives significantly easier, even with a network that used over 2km of fibre optic."

Jul13- AVB Deployment A pragmatic look
Sound & Communications- Aidan Williams Audinate CTO

Some 20 years ago my working life began as an IT & network administrator for a large university.  Looking back I can appreciate the broad education provided by an environment that included equipment from just about every major vendor coupled with an expectation that it all should work together as a system

Jun13- Lectrosonics DNTBOB 88 Dante Breakout Box Streamlines TEDx Conference
AV Network

"Using the Dante controller software, the two BOB 88’s found one another and we configured the I/O matrix in about five-minutes. This was a much cleaner setup that was more than capable of managing the multiple audio lines that, otherwise, would have run across the floor.”

Apr13- Yamaha mixes it on the ski slopes of Europe
LSI Online-Jim Evans

"We were considering new digital consoles for our rental stock and particularly for the Nordic World Ski Championships. After looking at both the digital mixers and audio networking currently on the market, we felt that the Yamaha CL series was the best for our needs," says Jam Session's Michele Garbari. "Dante can also manage extremely complex network situations which would require a much bigger investment using any other system."

Mar13- Sun Shines Bright on Ft. Pierce Theatre with Yamaha CL5
Historic Theater Upgrades to Digital with the CL5
Yamaha Commerical Audio Systems Website

Hatcher says he is running Dante networking in redundant mode. “I've also hooked my computer up to the CL to use Nuendo Live—purely awesome! This was one of the best decisions I've ever made, thanks to our executives and donors.”

Mar13-Symetrix SymNet Radius 12×8 DSP Plays Ball at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Arena
Symetrix Website

"In what is perhaps the one of the nation’s first Dante radio broadcast digital backbone system in a professional sports arena, Greater Media installed three Symetrix SymNet Radius 12×8 processors with built-in Dante digital audio networking. The SymNet Radius 12x8s gather inputs from three strategic locations in the Wells Fargo Center and deliver them with full fidelity and near-zero latency to the station’s codec."

Mar13-Northwestern Michigan College installs RedNet
The first official installation of a RedNet system within the US occurred in January, 2013, at Northwestern Michigan College (NMC), located in Traverse City, Michigan.
Focusrite Website

"The install was almost too easy. I installed the PCIe card in our Mac Pro tower myself, and it popped right in. Two of the RedNet 4 units and a RedNet 2 are setup in the studio. Once the connections were made, all of the RedNet elements ‘saw’ each other and the RedNet hardware inputs and outputs were selectable in Logic Pro, Studio One v2, and Pro Tools 10. The RedNet 4 mic inputs are controlled from the control room. The RedNet 2 gives us 16 outputs in the studio for headphones, studio speakers, talkback, re-amping guitar tracks, etc."

Mar13-Networking about Networks
Interoperability Is The Key
inAVate March 2013

A candid article about the AV Networking Congress 2013 that recently took place in Amserdam

Mar13-Focusrite RedNet
Ethernet Audio Interface System
Sound on Sound by Hugh Robjohns

Ethernet-based audio interfaces seem set to be the next big thing in digital audio, and forward-looking manufacturers Focusrite are getting in on the ground floor.

Feb13-Yamaha Commercial Audio Provides Sound System for Concert Celebrating Company's 125th Anniversary
Elton John Headlines Star-Studded Event
Yamaha Commercial Audio Website

Three Yamaha CL5 digital consoles were used at front of house (one for the orchestra, one for the house band, and one for guest bands) for a total of 150 inputs, two CL5s were used at monitors, two DME64N digital mix engines were used for Dante Network Bridging and FOH speaker system processing, NXAMP4x4s for amplification with NX-DT104 Dante cards, NEXO RS18 and S118 subwoofers, NEXO PS10 speakers for front fill, NEXO 45N-12 stage monitors, LS600 and DXS15 subwoofers for drum mix subs, and, for flown for the first time in the U.S., the new NEXO STM line array used as FOH Mains.

Jan13-Automated Expertise
Affordable DSP and expert programming transforms a small church system
SVC January 2013-Cynthia Wisehart

The core of the system is the Symetrix DSP. Dow is a Iongtime Symetrix user, but St. Lucy was his first opportunity to use the new SymNet. Radius 12x8, which had just come out; the system uses two Radius 12x8 connected via Dante. '"We'd originally spectfted the Express 8x8, but we were excited to use the Radius. With it's fixed I/O (12-lnI8-out). It falls at an accessible price point, so it lets us bring our programming approach to churches that need more affordable systems. It's more processing horsepower for less money and it also incorporates the Dante networking capabilities. The cost-per-power is so good," Dow says.

Interconnection, the New-Fashioned Way
Pro Sound News Manufacturer’s View

Focusrite's latest in studio networking technology is called RedNet, who's core is based on Audinate’s Dante solution. RedNet provides wide-scale networking of audio signals using standard Ethernet architecture.

Oct 12-First Yamaha CL5 Broadcast Installation Is Top Of El Hormiguero
Yamaha Commercial Audio Website

"The new system had to be very fast to reconfigure and it was essential that the network is fully redundant. We achieved this by installing primary and secondary Dante networks throughout the building. Once it was set up, the system has already proved robust, very reliable and simple to manage with Dante Controller software.” Rafael Chorro, Videoreport’s chief technician on the project

Oct 12- Florida Church Upgrades Sanctuary Sound System With Allen & Heath iLive

The Dante card has also proven popular by facilitating the ability to do multi-track recording of services, rather than just stereo

Oct 12- Symetrix SymNet Radius 12×8 Processor Runs Hagmyren a Swedish Horse Racing Track
Symetrix Website

"The Dante bus used by the new SymNet Edge and SymNet Radius system is easy to set up and represents an excellent standard for installed, live, and broadcast audio.” Robert Nilsson of DAT AB

Oct 12- Hornets New Nest-A new audio system is providing this historic football stadium with improved sound for match days and more.
Installation, Oct 2012 by Tom Bradbury

"We have a nice touchscreen display that shows us all of the 20 zones, and Dante allows us to use one system for monitoring and control. There are no latency issues, no issues with bundles that you might have with Cobranet, and all in all, it’s a very simple network.”-Rowland Hemming RH Consulting

Aug 12- Network Interoperability Approaches Reality
Pro Sound News Aug 2012 by Steve Harvey

A network of over 500 channels of Audinate’s Dante provided interoperability between manufacturers’ systems at BC Place in Vancouver, where Peavey MediaMatrix NION DSP enabled the creation of custom control and confidence monitoring interfaces for the Lab.gruppen PLM amplifiers located in the catwalk.

Aug 12- In It Together
Revitalized concert sound for Kenny Chesney.
Live Sound International Aug 2012 by Gregory A. DeTogne

“Making us more efficient, high-performing, and adaptable is the fact that now we’re entirely digital before the preamps,” Mills explains. “I took everything this year to (Audinate) Dante."

"In combination with the digital drive, the Dante transport made a stunning difference compared to last year. Everyone is blown away and asking what we did to change things so noticeably.”

 Aug 12-CPL Takes Delivery Of Its First Yamaha CL5 Digital Console
PSW staff Aug 9

"The CL Series is the first Yamaha console family to run natively using the Dante digital audio network protocol, with connections between Dante elements via Cat5e cable further reducing overall weight and truck space requirements."


Jul 12- Technology Focus
Is Audio Video Bridging the Next Big Thing?
Lighting and Sound Internatiuonal by Richard Cadena

"Dante works with PCs or Macs, and it works with any network switch, while AVB requires an AVB switch"

"In addition to guaranteeing low latency, Dante provides more bells and whistles than AVB, like the virtual sound card that allows you to record in real time, redundant data transmission, and auto discovery of Dante devices on the network"

Jul 12-JoeCo BlackBox BBR64-Dante recorder now shipping
Audioprointernational.com July 2012

BlackBox recorder manufacturer JoeCo has commenced shipments of its new 64-channel BBR64-Dante recorder. Despite doubling its track count from 32 to 64, the BBR64-Dante recorder occupies just 1U of rack space.

Jul 12-Allen & Heath iLive On Worldwide Tour With Morrissey
Prosoundweb.com July 2012

"Millward selected an iLive-80 Control Surface and iDR10 modular MixRack fitted with a Dante Card for multitrack recording and virtual soundchecking because the production required a small, lightweight console for travel."
 Jun 12-Yamaha CL5 treble success at Royal Albert Hall

Lighting and Sound International June 2012

For the HTB conference, the event's FOH engineer Mark Sunderland took full advantage of the CL5's Dante recording facility, doing a multitrack recording at prior rehearsals with the HTB conference band. "We were also able to do Dante splits to the PM5D / DSP5D monitor board. I like to run a system digital all the way to the amplifiers and it allowed us to have no analogue splits on what was a very complex show. It worked absolutely faultlessly and the sound quality was excellent."

 Jun 12-Community Soups Up Richmond International Raceway
Prosoundweb.com June 2012

The system, designed by Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams (WJHW) and installed by Parsons Electric, is powered by Lab Gruppen amplification and utilizes Lake Systems DSP to provide delay and processing via a Dante network controller and fiber-optic digital distribution network that streamlines control of audio and video throughout the entire venue.

Jun 12-SymNet Edge Installation: Edge Installed in Private School
Symetrix June 2012 newsletter

“Dante is tremendously fast,” said Doug Windle, audio/video manager at Ace Audio. “Had we done the system with CobraNet, we’d have latency in the neighborhood of 3 to 5ms. With Dante, we’re down to 0.25ms, which is virtually unnoticeable. In addition, we have a lot of flexibility – once a signal is into a Dante-equipped piece, it can be routed anywhere without penalty.”

Mar 12-It Was Easier with Analogue
inAVate Magazine

With the current proliferation of digital transport protocols and standards,interoperability seems to have made its way back onto the agenda.  Chris Fitzsimmons asks if this time the namufacturing community is ready to play nice.

Jan 12-Audio how to – Audio Networks: Linking up

As with almost every other technology it seems, audio components are now being networked. Roland Hemming explains how to achieve nirvana.

Nov 11-The Networking People
Pro Audio Asia Middle East

The journey from a government-funded research group to one of the leading names in networking technology has been an award-winning and interesting one for Audinate. But what does the future hold?

Nov 11- Yamaha and Dante help Inspire Young Innovators at Ideen Expo
Yamaha Commerical Audio Web Site

Inspiring the science and technology professionals of the future is the purpose behind Ideen Expo, a nine day bi-annual event in Hannover, Germany, which seeks to stimulate young people with a wide range of ideas for their future education and careers. The 2011 event relied on a sophisticated and powerful Yamaha / Dante™ digital media networking system, designed to be set up and operated very simply.

Oct 11- Allen & Heath's Dante Card Provides Audio Flexibility for Florida Church
Lighting & Sound America Oct 2011

Like many house-of-worship facilities with a strong media ministry, First Baptist Church, of Altamonte Springs, Florida, was anxious to upgrade its audio system. With an Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing console already in place, the church was interested in expanding the system's extensive capabilities in a way that would simplify training of its volunteer audio staff. John Williams, worship and media director for the church, engaged Entertainment Arts, an Orlando-based design and integration firm, to find and integrate a cost-effective solution.

Oct 11: Patrick Wolf: iLive And Kicking
 Total Productions International  October 2011 Issue 146

FOH Engineer Fabrizio Piazzini and Monitor Engineer Jamie Hickey chose two Allen & Heath iLive-R72 digital mixing systems for the performance, connected via Audinate’s Dante audio networking solution with a split to record multiple channels. Make sure to read the "Dante's Peak" paragraph.

Sept 11:Dante: A Divine Future?
Pro Sound News Europe September 2011 Written by Dave Davies

With a flurry of corporate-and technology-related announcements in recent months, Audinate seems to be going places. CEO Lee Ellison tells David Davies about educating OEMs and Dante’s future in the context of AVB

Aug 11:The Rise of the Media Network-Chris Fitzsimmons attempts to keep pace with the rapid developments now taking place in digital audio networking.
inAVate Magazine August 2011

“Dante is really a product name for Audinate’s high performance media networking system. Some confusion arises when people wrongly identify Dante as just a transport, but there really are many protocols, software and hardware components working together inside a Dante solution.” Aidan Williams, CTO Audinate.

 Jun 11: Bosch Security Systems, Inc., Communications Systems Division announces OMNEO media networking technology at InfoComm 2011
From Bosch web site

OMNEO's program transport component is the result of a partnership between Bosch Communications Systems and Audinate Pty.  OMNEO uses Audinate's Dante networking technology to provide standards-based, routable IP media transport.


Jun 11: Download Festival goes Dante thanks to LM 26
From Lab.gruppen web site

Simon Gladstone, Technical Manager at SSE, said: “The main thing that we were trying to achieve was to integrate everything into one system, and use one fibre backbone for all of the subsystems that make up the PA returns. Obviously, at no point did we want it to give us less features or flexibility than we have been used to, and ultimately, we want the system to have a superior sound quality. Being able to use the Dante has enabled us to achieve one part of that, and obviously using the Dante has meant that we didn’t need to have 150m of copper inserted into the signal path and degrading the quality.”


May 11: AVinteractive.co.uk
Linked up

Written by Rolling Hemming 

As with almost every other technology it seems, audio components are now being networked. Roland Hemming explains how to achieve nirvana.


Feb 11: Canyon Hills Community Church Expands with Lake LM26 Processing.

"The Dante I/Os also enabled us to daisy-chain the FOH left-and-right mix between all three LM 26 units, which then used those signals to derive their loudspeaker-specific signals," Weeks continued. "The enhanced sound quality from the main left and right loudspeaker arrays was a noticeable advantage, with improved converters, crossover filters and EQ sections."


Nov 10: Advanced Audio Deploys Yamaha Console with Dante Card to Riverfront Amphitheatre

“Dante is running via Cat5 to a host of Lab Gruppen PLM Dante-enabled amplifiers and provides house L/R, lip fills, and up to a half dozen monitor mixes in a typical weekend event,” states Trent Keeling Senior Design Consultant, Vice President of Operations, Advanced Audio. “We are also using Dante to provide clocking. The difference in audio quality is impressive and the improvement in latency is astounding. The Dante MY16-AUD card really makes the onboard FX processing in the M7CL console achieves the performance of higher-end outboard units.”


Nov 10: Lighting and Sound International Online
DM Audio and Dante in the Enchanted Forest

The heart of the system, with central control of all audio functions, is an Apple Mac Pro running Logic Studio software. Logic's main audio outputs are assigned to a Dante virtual soundcard and the audio is sent down the cable run using Audinate's Dante media networking protocol.


Jan 10: AV Produktion (Sweden)
Dante-MY16-AUD vinner sitt första pris (Dante-MY16-AUD wins its first prize)

Written by Mikael Collin

Distributed worldwide by Yamaha Commercial Audio, the Audinate Dante-MY16-AUD networking card is so new that it has barely left the production line, yet it has already received its first industry award.

Jan 10: Yamaha Commerical Audio Press Release
Dante-MY16-AUD Gets Loaded With Britannia Row

The Dante-MY16-AUD card is now shipping, offering seamless integration of the latest audio networking technology with a wide range of Yamaha digital audio products. And the new interface is already proving its worth to Britannia Row, one of the UK’s leading audio production companies, whether it’s in touring, festival or club systems.

Jan 10:  inAvate Magazine
Lab.gruppen unveils Lake processor

The LM 26 will accept audio signals as analogue, AES digital, or via Audinate’s Dante digital audio network at 48 kHz and 96 kHz sampling rates.

Jan 10:  inAvate Magazine
The Great Gig in the LAN

Written by Richard Northwood

As it is now over ten years since the introduction of CobraNet to the audio community it seemed appropriate to review the current state of audio networking protocols and discover how much growing up has gone on in the last ten years.

Jan 10: System Contractors News
Dante Joins Course Offerings

NSCA University has approved the addition of Audinate's Audio Networking Course into its rapidly growing libaray of Partner Provider courses.

Dec 09: The International Buyer's Guide-Audio Consoles 2010
Technology Snapshot: Digital Network & Transmission Protocols

Report by Stephen Bennett

Getting sound from one place to another is a lot more complicated than it sounds. Luckily, quite a few clever people have done the hard work for us, and there are now a good choice of systems and protocols for the digital journey. Stephen Bennett picks out the gems…

Dec 09: NSCA News On-Line
NSCA University™ Adds Dante Audio Networking to Course Offerings

Press Release

NSCA University has approved the addition of Audinate’s Dante Audio Networking Course into its rapidly growing library of Partner Provider courses, which are eligible for NSCA Learning Units (LUs) to apply toward NSCA’s Certificate of Completion Program (CCP) or recertification.  

Aug 09: AV Magazine
Dante is the new audio networking name on everybody’s lips. But why is Dante so hot?

Written By Christopher Holder

Shock, Horror… digital audio is now just like all the other data chugging around computer networks. Audio isn’t special anymore (sob). Yes, that’s right (are you sitting down?), any IT shmo can start configuring and managing an audio network in the same way as he or she might manage any other ethernet-based Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Aug 09: Prosoundweb.com
The Decision-Making Process In Growing A Regional Sound Reinforcement Company

Written by Shannon Dunn

For a regional sound company, as in any growing business with significant hardware costs, equipment purchases can really affect cash flow and strain the budget.

The challenge is to make smart choices and stay within a set budget without compromising quality - a course being navigated by Spider Ranch Productions Owner/Founder Alex Moran.

Aug 09: Audinate Presents to Audio Engineering Society (AES)
AVB and Audio Networking

Presented by Ashesh Doshi

In response to an invitation from the Audio Engineering Society (AES), Audinate gave a presentation to the AES LA section about Dante and AVB. The presentation was well-received, generating a lot of interest and questions from the audience. A write-up of Audinate's presentation can be found in the AES LA Section's August newsletter.

Jul 09: AV Technology
InfoComm Surprises

Highlights Section

Another digital audio networking contender – Audinante’s Dante – arrived in full form at this year’s InfoComm, complete with heavy hitter partners like Bosch Communications, Yamaha and a couple of dozen other licensees.


Jul 09: Live Sound International
From the Editors Desk

Written by Jeff MacKay

One item of note were the announcements of Bosch and Yamaha Commercial Audio releasing products to support Audinate’s Dante networking protocol. “Dante” was a buzz word of the show.


Jul 09: Live Sound International
Audinate Partners with Yamaha. Audinate Partners with Bosch

Written by Editor

YAMAHA Commercial Audio Systems (YCAS) has announced a partnership with Audinate to create Dante compatible cards for its line of products, specifically the Audinate Dante-MY16-AUD card

AUDINATE has also announced its partnership with Bosch Communications Systems for a companywide license agreement to implement Dante audio networking solutions into their products



Jul 09: Live Sound International
Making Smart Purchasing Decisions

Written by Shannon Dunn

SUCCESS CAN SOMETIMES create its own challenges. For a regional sound company it can often mean buying more equipment to handle the needs of additional, bigger and more demanding clients…

…An added bonus to the Dolby Lake Processor was that it came with Dante – Audinate’s digital audio networking technology…

…The savings on the new setup has been a real relief for the tight budget. Considerable money – about $10,000 – was eliminated for items that would usually be allocated to connect analog amps to the system.

Jun 09: Electronic Musician
Tech Page: Easy Does It

Written by Scott Wilkinson

As all electronic musicians know by now, digital audio has transformed nearly all aspects of modern music production. But one area remains largely analog: signal distribution within recording studios and live-performance venues… Several companies have developed various solutions to this problem…

… An Australian company called Audinate has thrown its hat into the ring…


Mar 09: Pro Sound News Europe
Dante’s in for the long haul

Written by Steve Harvey

Digital media networking just got easy, according to technology developer Audinate – and it’s difficult to argue otherwise. Built on existing networking protocols and standards, Audinate’s Dante is a plug-and-play solution for transporting digital multimedia that has already been licensed into more than two-dozen audio equipment brands.

Mar 09: Live Sound International
Network Trailblazers

Written by Dan Garcia

Setting up the Dante network was “undaunting” Luken reports. “All we did was turn the processors on and connect them…I think it took us longer to plug in the Cat 5 cables than it [Dante] did to configure the network” 


May 08: AV Technology
Guide to Networked AV

Written by Mark Mayfield

Ten years ago, you would rarely see the words “AV” and “network” used in the same sentence, let alone linked together. Today, modern networking concepts and technologies are common in pro audio and AV applications…

… Dante is a new digital audio networking technology from Audinate that is compatible with standard lnternet Protocols (not just Ethernet) without compromising performance. Sample-accurate synchronization and low latency allows Dante to be used in live audio applications.

Aug 07: Pro AV Magazine
Digital Audio Networking Demystified

Written by Brent Harshbarger

Networking has been a source of frustration and confusion for pro AV professionals for decades. Fortunately, the International Organization of Standardization, more commonly referred to as ISO, created a framework…

… a newcomer to professional audio networking, Australia based
Audinate, has recently become the first professional audio networking technology to use UDP/IP technology over Ethernet with its product called Dante.