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Audinate's Dante Technology Makes Networking Easy for UK's Britannia Row

Ventura, CA – December 2008 — Premier production house Britannia Row is using Audinate’s Dante digital audio networking technology at major events around the UK. Dante made its live debut during the City Salute in May. The City of London, with the involvement of the Royal Family, saluted British forces with a fund-raising spectacle at St Paul’s Cathedral and Paternoster Square. Over 2 million viewers watched the live broadcast on BBC2. Britannia Row supplied seven separate PA points around St Paul’s Cathedral, Paternoster Square and on the roof of Juxon House directly across from St Paul’s.  All speakers were being fed from Dolby Lake Processors using Audinate’s Dante networking technology. The production required sending audio down Ethernet CAT5 cable as well as the use of media convertors to fiber optic for some of the longer cable runs.

Britannia Row also used Dante for their production of the Olympic handoff event held this summer following the Olympic Games to pass the baton from Beijing to London. A crowd estimated at 40,000 attended the celebration on The Mall in front of Buckingham Palace and was broadcast live on the BBC and carried worldwide. To cover the long, narrow area, Brit Row used two stages and three delay towers. Dante was tested against other networking technology as well as analog point-to-point wiring. “Dante clearly sounded the best so we used it during the actual event,” Walsh reports. “Dante’s sample-accurate playback synchronization produced a noticeable improvement on the high end of the loudspeaker arrays and eliminated the noise typically heard as a result of long analog cable runs”. Walsh added that many of Brit Row's "top regular guys" are very impressed with Dante’s sound quality and robustness which led them to also use Dante for the recent MTV European Music Awards from Liverpool.

The FOH setup was host to several guest engineers and Dante’s easy-to-configure text-based channel labeling and routing helped smooth the transitions between acts. “It’s very easy to explain things to engineers,” Walsh says. “The text-labeling facility made illustrating the system much easier for even novices in digital networking.”

Lance Korthals, Executive Vice President, Business and Market Development for Audinate, adds, “Audinate’s Dante networking technology was developed to deliver high quality performance without adding complexity. We’re excited that Dante is increasingly being adopted by leading major live production engineers and audio manufacturers around the world.”

About Audinate:

Audinate Pty Ltd is the leading developer of media networking technology. Our products and solutions, developed by world class networking experts, is transforming the way the world interconnects multimedia systems. With Audinate’s Dante technology, digital media networking just got easy.