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Dante Delivers Pope's Message to 400,000 World Youth Day Pilgrims

Sydney, Australia–July 2008- Dante™ digital audio networking technology has proven its reliability and cost-effectiveness at one of this year’s largest public gatherings – World Youth Day 2008. Huge crowds attended the July events in Sydney, Australia: crowd estimates for Pope Benedict XVI’s final mass at Randwick Racecourse ran as high as 400,000. Scott Willsallen of Auditoria was charged with delivering a high quality audio experience to everyone in attendance at both Randwick and the “Super Thursday” opening mass, which drew 140,000 to Barangaroo on Sydney Harbor. He relied on Dante to distribute signal from the mixing desks to speaker towers throughout the enormous audiences.

Willsallen is an expert in designing audio systems for huge events: his résumé includes the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, 2006 Commonwealth Games, 2006 Doha Asian Games, 2006 Eurovision Song Contest and the 2003 Rugby World Cup. “Using Dante offered an extremely cost-effective way of distributing audio to the large number of speaker towers used at the venues – seventy of them at Randwick”, he said. “Dante networking was easy to set up and operate. I estimate that it saved around $200,000 in cabling costs”. The successes at World Youth Day highlight the growing acceptance of Dante by leading audio professionals worldwide. “Dante meets the stringent performance requirements of live professional audio,” explains Aidan Williams, CTO of Audinate, the company behind Dante. “Audio professionals find it easy to set up and operate a Dante network because its Zen protocol allows all the pieces of the system to discover each other automatically. For these reasons Dante is being used in a growing number of large live eventin Australia, the USA and the UK.” 

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