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Dante Virtual Soundcard

Dante: Market leading audio networking for your Mac and PC.

License Options

Each copy of Dante Virtual Soundcard must be activated with a license key before it can be used.  One Dante Virtual Soundcard license enables a single PC or Mac, however a small number of activations are allowed in case you need to re-install or switch to a new computer.

Several license options are available:

Trial License
Try Dante Virtual Soundcard for free for 14 days after activation.  Before buying, use the trial license to confirm that your PC hardware will perform satisfactorily with Dante Virtual Soundcard.
Time Limited Licenses
7 Day and 30 Day time limited licenses are perfect for rental companies and live shows where a cost effective Dante Virtual Soundcard license is required.  Licenses can be pre-purchased since each license is valid for 7/30 Days afer activation.
Single-seat License
Single-seat licenses do not expire, and are for installation and use on one computer.
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Hardware Bundled License
In some cases, a permanent license for Dante Virtual Soundcard is bundled with a piece of hardware (e.g. the Dante-MY16-AUD card for Yamaha consoles).  Please register your hardware to obtain your license keys.

License keys can always be retrieved by logging in to the Audinate website and choosing My Account > My Products from the menu.

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Software Download

You can download Dante Virtual Soundcard from the Software Downloads section of the website.

To patch audio signals into/from Dante Virtual Soundcard, you'll also need the Dante Controller application.  Dante Controller is a freely available matrix-style signal routing application for Dante networks.  You can download Dante Controller from the Software Downloads section of the website.

You can also download User Guides for Dante Virtual Soundcard and Dante Controller.


License Activation

To activate the software, simply enter a license key into the Dante Virtual Soundcard Licensing panel (as shown on the right) and press the "Activate" button.

Your computer must be connected to the internet to activate the software.  Once activation is complete access to the internet is no longer required.

Time limited and trial license periods begin from the first activation of the license key.

Get Started

Please choose using one of the following options to obtain a license key and get started with Dante Virtual Soundcard:

Try for Free

Buy Online