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Introducing Dante Virtual Soundcard

Dante: Market leading audio networking for your Mac and PC.

What is Dante Virtual Soundcard?

The Dante Virtual Soundcard software allows your PC/Mac to connect to a Dante audio network.  Dante Virtual Soundcard uses the Ethernet port on the computer to communicate with a network of other Dante enabled devices.  No special hardware is required other than installing Dante Virtual Soundcard on a conventional PC or laptop.

dvs_updateAudio applications use the Dante Virtual Soundcard as they would any standard ASIO, WDM or Core Audio interface.  Popular applications like Cubase, Nuendo and Logic can transmit and receive up to 64 channels to networked audio equipment via the Dante Virtual Soundcard.  Our Partner Products page shows available Dante-enabled equipment.

In contrast to a physical sound card, Dante Virtual Soundcard has no physical audio inputs or outputs.  Instead, audio signals are sent directly to or received from the PC’s Ethernet network interface card.

Applications include:

  • Recording live events
  • Sound effect playback in theatres
  • Recording in a House of Worship
  • Corporate events and conference room meetings
  • Courtroom minutes and Government proceedings recording


Additional information is available in the Dante Virtual Soundcard Datasheet.

Licensing and Download

Dante Virtual Soundcard is available for purchase and for a free trial period.

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