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Technology Overview

Dante delivers a no hassle, self configuring, true plug-and-play digital audio network that uses standard Internet Protocols over 100Mb and/or Gigabit Ethernet. Patent-pending Dante technology distributes digital audio plus integrated control data with sub millisecond latency, sample-accurate playback synchronization, extreme reliability and high channel counts.

Plug-and-Play Networking for Media Professionals

Dante makes networking a true plug-and-play process with automatic device discovery and system configuration. Dante-enabled devices find each other on the network and will configure themselves, so you can skip those complicated, error-prone set-up procedures. Instead of “magic numbers,” you label networked devices and their input and output signals with names that make sense to you. Dante is making signal distribution more flexible, cost-effective and user-friendly at some of the largest live events and most sophisticated installations worldwide.

IP Standards Based Technology

Dante is built on global networking standards including Internet Protocols — not just Ethernet. With true IP routing, Dante technology works as an IT network capable of transporting professional quality audio and high definition video with no limits on your layout options. Dante delivers sample-accurate playback synchronization, even over multiple switch hops. Latency is extremely low whether you choose to run your Dante network with fixed latency or optimized latency. Dante makes it easy to set up robust, flexible digital audio networks with performance that scales with your network.

Media Networking over Existing Infrastructure and Hardware

Dante runs on inexpensive off-the-shelf computer networking hardware, and does not require dedicated network infrastructure. Ethernet switches transmit Dante digital media streams alongside ordinary data traffic, so you can integrate professional media operations into properly designed pre-existing networks. And with Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS), your Mac or Windows computer looks and acts like any other Dante-enabled device. Just plug in to the standard Ethernet port to use digital audio processing, recording or playback software on the network.

Zero-hassle, Zero Configuration Networking

With Dante's Zero configuration protocol, you won’t need a networking specialist to enter numerical IP or MAC addresses, or set up DNS or DHCP servers. Dante-enabled devices identify and configure themselves automatically as soon as you plug in Ethernet cables. You can label devices, inputs and outputs with descriptive names — and those names will stay with that device so you can plug and unplug or move devices at will. Dante lets you focus on what you are good at producing and delivering sound that gets people excited and not worry about the networking.