AV 连接的更佳之选

Dante 摒弃了传统的点对点音视频传输方式,而使用操作更简易、易于扩展、灵活的网络架构取而代之。被几百个品牌的上千款专业产品所采用,Dante 已经成为现代 AV 系统连接事实上的标准。

启用 Dante 的主打产品

Product Allen & Heath – AHM-64 on a white background
Allen & Heath
Allen & Heath – AHM-64

AHM-64 is a powerful 64×64 Audio Matrix Processor supported by a comprehensive ecosystem of scalable I/O, control and Dante solutions. Designed to excel in corporate, retail, hospitality and education environments, AHM-64 allows integrators to quickly create systems that build from a single boardroom to a complete campus.