Dante Professional Seminars - Tempe, AZ

May 21, 2019


On May 21, Yamaha, Audio-Technica and Audinate are teaming up for a full day of immersive experience in audio networking and system design. This class is designed for those who are (or are about to be) active users of Dante. Attendees might be an audio engineer, system designer or consultant from a variety of audio disciplines like live sound, recording, broadcast or corporate AV.

The goal of the Dante Professional Seminar is to strengthen technical concepts that often remain foggy or are forgotten after the certification program. With new material and live demonstrations to illustrate key concepts, attendees won’t be memorizing information - they’ll be experiencing it in person. We will also discuss new developments in the audio world, and offer a peek into what Audinate is working on going forward. 

Topics will include: 

  • understanding network resources for Dante
  • advanced clocking and latency concepts
  • Dante network management
  • and network troubleshooting techniques

This is an intermediate-level class, so we require Dante Level 1 and highly suggest Dante Level 2 certification for participation.  You can sign up without these courses, but we ask you to commit to completing this before attending. We also suggest watching Yamaha’s Network Fundamentals video series. 

So come on out to the Dante Professional Seminars.  Strengthen your current understanding, add completely new skills to your professional toolbelt and be more confident in your daily work with Dante audio networks.  We’ll look forward to seeing you!

Date: May 21, 2019
Time: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Cost: Free (registration required)

Arizona State University
Student Pavilion - Senita Ballroom
400 E Orange St.
Tempe, AZ 85287


Who Should Come

  • Participants likely an audio engineer, AV manager, AV integrator, system designer or consultant
  • Participants likely have worked on a Dante network before, or are aniticpating a project where they will.
  • Participants should be comfortable setting up a home network.
  • Participants should be  comfortable working on a Mac and/or PC computer.
  • Participants should be Dante Level 1 and Level 2 Certified before attending.

What You Should Bring

  • A laptop with Dante Controller installed.
  • You should have an account at Audinate.com (and know your log-in credentials)
  • If your laptop does not have an RJ45 connector built-in, bring the adapter.

Course Prerequisites

Network Fundamentals Series (by Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems)

Yamaha has a video series on YouTube that covers Networking Fundamentals. These will help solidify your understanding of basic network settings you make routinely, and will lay the groundwork for the training when you arrive. This content will be covered again in class, but at “review” pace, not at “first exposure” pace.

Here are the key videos to watch in this series:

Network Fundamentals Series (by Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems)

Dante Certification Levels 1 & 2 (by Audinate)

We suggest completing Audinate’s Dante Level 1 certification before you come, and at least attempt Dante Level 2 Certification.

If you’re new to Dante, you’ll want to watch the videos for Level 1 before taking the test. If you have used Dante regularly, you might just take the multiple-choice test… you probably learned this in the field. If you fail, you can always watch the videos and take the test again.

Most people should watch the videos for Dante Level 2. Then, try taking both the multiple-choice and the practical test online. If you didn’t pass Level 2 before our class, we are confident you will after the class!

Dante Certification Program (by Audinate)
More information

  • Level 1 Dante Certification Digital Audio Basics - approximately1 hour plus multiple choice test
    • IP Networking Basics
    • What is Dante
    • Using Dante
  • Level 2 Dante Certification Switches - approximately 1 hour plus multiple choice and practical exam
    • Clocking
    • Latency
    • Dante Flows (Unicast and Multicast)
    • Naming Devices
    • Device Lock
    • Dante Presets
    • Redundancy
    • DVS & Dante Via