WEBINAR: Understanding Audio-Over-IP from the IT Perspective

Oct 13, 2016


IT managers increasingly expect AV systems to be integrated with enterprise data networks, but may not be familiar with the specific requirements of audio-over-IP systems and common AV best practices. Conversely, AV professionals may not be aware of the issues that concern IT managers, and how best to achieve their goals in this context and speak their language.

This webinar reveals highlights from an AV Technology whitepaper of the same name and will educate IT managers and AV managers working with IT departments on how AoIP solutions interact with the corporate network, and best practices on implementing AoIP solutions within the enterprise.

Educate yourself on:

  • building blocks of an audio-over-IP solution
  • how it interacts with an enterprise network
  • best practices from IT managers who have implemented AoIP solutions
  • using AoIP technology to enable new, revolutionary conferencing solutions that weren’t previously possible with analog connectivity

Featured speakers:

  • Brad Price - Senior Product Manager, Audinate
  • Gino Sigismondi - Associate Director of Technical Support and Training, Shure
  • Margot Douaihy - Editor-in-Chief, AV Technology

When: October 13th at 2:00 PM EDT
Cost: FREE