Yamaha Networked Audio Systems Workshop - Glasgow,

Nov 12 – Nov 13, 2019


This workshop is an exciting opportunity for you to get your hands on the latest Yamaha equipment, covering a broad set of important industry skills – from networking and Dante to console operation and integration with a variety of Dante products.

You’ll learn how to build a large, scalable network from scratch, learn some inside tips and tricks to help avoid problems, find out how to troubleshoot common networking problems quickly and easily, and realise the power of a large network and learn about future technologies such as Dante Domain Manager & Python Scripting with QLab.

Delegates can choose to attend one, or both, days of the course. Day two builds on the fundamentals learnt on day one and is recommended to attend both days consecutively to maximise your time on the course.

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Date: 12-13 November, 2019
Time: 10:00 - 16:00 (both days)
Cost: £30 per person (inc. VAT)

FE Live
37 Gordon Avenue
G52 4TG
United Kingdom


Day 1 (Tuesday, 12 November): Core Networking Concepts and Console Refresher

  • Introduction to digital audio: how it works, fundamental concepts
  • Networking essentials: ethernet, switches, latency and addressing
  • Topologies and setup: network layouts, redundancy and practical demonstrations
  • Console overview: setup & initialisation, operation - How to quickly build a small Yamaha/Dante system with CL/QL & PM consoles.

Day 2 (Wednesday, 13 November): Scaleable Network Systems with Dante

  • Dante software and hardware: setup, use and troubleshooting
  • Common network problems and how to solve them
  • Remote Control and offline editing: StageMix, Editors, QLab
  • Integration and Expansion: large scale setups, controlling third party hardware such as RF.

The courses are designed to be very hands-on workshops for delegates to see the practical applications of the Yamaha Networked systems and the power of a scalable Dante network.

Delegates should bring their own Mac or Windows Laptop with Dante Controller pre-installed, alongside CL/QL & PM Editor.

Each day will prepare you to take the online Audinate training courses - All our course trainers are Dante Certified trainers.