Electro-Voice and Audinate announce DM-1 Dante card

Jun 2010

Las Vegas, NV June 9, 2010-Electro-Voice and Audinate are pleased to announce the availability of the DM-1 Dante™ audio network card for the NetMax hardware family. The DM-1 may be installed in the N8000 or N8000-1500 chassis to provide high resolution, low latency audio transmission over IP networks. 

Audinate’s patented Dante solution provides a no-hassle, self-configuring, plug-and-play digital audio network that uses standard Internet Protocols. Dante is a scalable solution that works on both 100 Mbits and 1 Gigabit Ethernet. Using Dante, many bulky cables that are typically needed to provide point-to-point analog wiring for AV installations are eliminated. Dante combines industry-leading low latency and sample-accurate playback timing with the convenience and economy of using today’s standard computer networking hardware. In addition, incorporated within Dante, is an innovative automatic device discovery and system configuration capability. With this capability, specialized skills are no longer needed to set-up and manage an audio and video media network. Taken together, these capabilities now make AV networking a very simple, realistic and attractive proposition. 

The DM-1 is also fully compatible with Audinate’s Dante Virtual Soundcard™.  The Dante Virtual Soundcard turns a PC or Mac into a Dante-enabled device. The Dante Virtual Soundcard has many characteristics of a physical sound card or audio interface, including the ability to play and record audio using any Windows audio application with standard ASIO multichannel audio support, or any Core Audio Mac application. It uses the Ethernet port on the computer to communicate with a network of other Dante-enabled devices without the need for expensive soundcards. No special hardware is required other than installing Dante Virtual Soundcard on a conventional PC or laptop. 

“Audinate’s Dante and NetMax are a perfect fit,” comments Ethan Wetzell, Electro-Voice’s Global DSP Product Manager. “Whereas NetMax provides highly sophisticated, custom DSP solutions for a variety of applications, we have always strived to provide a higher level of ease of use and quality.  Dante has really raised the bar in audio networking with their extensive, truly IP-based technology and fully aligns with what we and our customers are looking for.”

“We are excited to have Dante offered with NetMax, as it is recognized for being a powerful and flexible DSP,” stated Mary Cudmore, Director of Products at Audinate. “This partnership increases available Dante solutions for digital audio routing and matrixing for applications such as broadcast, stadiums, club sound, houses of worship, and concert systems.”

About Audinate
Audinate revolutionizes the way that AV systems are connected by transporting high-quality media over standard IT networks. Using Audinate's patented networking solution, digital media networking just got easy. Audinate’s solution has been licensed by customers across the AV industry and can be found in installations and live sound applications globally. Audinate is a Promoter Member of the AVnu Alliance™. Audinate offices are located in US and Australia.

About NetMax
NetMax represents that state of the art for pro audio signal processing.  The technology behind NetMax has proven itself time and again in the most demanding installations and live
performances. Ranging from the Houston Rodeo and Kenny Chesney’s groundbreaking tours to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, NetMax has established itself as a proven DSP tool that can take even the most state-of-the-art PA systems to the next level.

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