Lake Launches New LM 26 with Audinates Dante Networking

Feb 2010

Portland, Ore. – Feb 2, 2010 – Audinate announced that Lake, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lab.gruppen AB, has launched its new LM 26 Digital Audio Loudspeaker Processor with Dante™ networking inside. The Lake LM 26 is the natural successor to the Dolby® Lake Processor (DLP) with extensive digital matrix functions including Dante digital networking, which provides seamless compatibility with Lab.gruppen’s Dante-enabled PLM™ Series as well as legacy DLPs. The new LM 26 will accept audio signals via Audinate’s Dante digital audio network at 48 and 96 kHz sampling rates. Automatic input priority switching may be enabled, and the unit can function as both an input matrix mixer and Dante break-in box or break-out box. 

Audinate's Dante is a gigabit networking solution that offers a no hassle, self-configuring, true plug-and-play experience. Dante media networking technology suite transports low latency uncompressed audio over a standard IP Ethernet network with sample accurate synchronization.  Dante simplifies installation because it supports automatic device and channel discovery, with easy to use signal routing. Dante also provides comprehensive network monitoring tools. 

“We are very proud to bring LM 26 to market. This new Digital Audio Loudspeaker Processor builds on the Lake heritage and, with its unique and advanced features, takes loudspeaker management systems to new levels of versatility and practicality,” said Ulf Larson, Lab.gruppen’s Chief Executive Officer. “Among the features is the Dante Digital Audio Network that ensures total integration with Lab.gruppen PLM products, legacy Lake processors and other Dante-enabled devices to suit almost all applications.” 

“Lab.gruppen is recognized for its outstanding performance. We are pleased to partner with them to ensure their customers are able to take advantage of the low latency, ease of installation and other networking benefits available in Dante,”  said Lee Ellison, Audinate’s Chief Executive Officer. “The LM 26 can interoperate with any other Dante enabled networked device.” 

About Audinate
Audinate revolutionizes the way that AV systems are connected by transporting high quality media over standard IT networks. Using Audinate's patent pending networking solution, digital media networking just got easy. Audinate’s solution has been licensed by customers across the AV industry and can be found in installations and live sound applications globally. Audinate offices are located in US and Australia.