Yamaha Shipping Audinate Dante-MY16-AUD Card

Jan 2010

Portland, Ore. and Hamamatsu, Japan – Jan 11, 2010 – Yamaha Commercial Audio announced that Audinate’s Dante-MY16-AUD cards are now commercially available. These cards are fully compatible with Yamaha digital MY16 card slots and may be ordered through authorized Yamaha Commercial Audio dealers. 

The Dante-MY16-AUD card is based on Audinate's Dante™ IP audio networking solution. Dante delivers, easy to use, self configuring, true plug-and-play digital audio networking solution. The Dante-MY16-AUD card can be used to network low latency, sample accurate audio to Dante networked equipment including Yamaha mixing consoles, DME processors and TXn power amplifiers which have MY16 card slots. Each Dante-MY16-AUD card provides 16 bidirectional audio channels (16 channels at 48 kHz, or 8 channels at 96 kHz) over Gigabit Ethernet with real time network redundancy. Multiple cards may be used to support higher channel count. 

Each Dante-MY16-AUD card also includes a license for Audinate’s Dante Virtual Soundcard. The Dante Virtual Soundcard is a software program that enhances your PC or MAC into a networked source or destination audio device. Using most digital workstation software programs, including Nuendo and Cubase, the computer can then be used as a recording platform. No additional hardware sound cards are needed. 

“We are very pleased to see Audinate’s Dante-MY16-AUD cards now being shipped,” said Kazunori Kobayashi, General Manager, Yamaha Commercial Audio. “This allows us to provide an alternative networking solution and be responsive to many customers who have requested Dante support in Yamaha products.” 

The Dante-MY16-AUD cards have already met with success in several live sound events and commercial installations. Dante has been installed at the Oakwood University Church. This was a major new installation at the house of worship in Huntsville, Alabama which has seating for over 3000 followers. CTS Audio installed Yamaha M7CL-48 console, with multiple Dante-MY16-AUD cards providing a high-end multi-track recording solution over a Dante network. 

“We selected the Dante-MY16-AUD card because of its advanced audio networking capabilities,” said Brian Pearce, Project Manager, CTS Audio. “In addition to its capabilities, the Dante-MY16-AUD card comes with the Dante Virtual Soundcard. What impressed me most about the Dante integration into a Yamaha console was how inexpensive and easy it was to add multi-track recording. That was the feature that my client jumped on to move forward and invest in the Dante solution.”
“Yamaha has always maintained very high standards for testing and quality before they ship cards commercially. I am very pleased to see the Dante-MY16-AUD card has met those standards and is seeing growing usage across both live and install sound applications,” said Lee Ellison, CEO, Audinate. 

The Dante-MY16-AUD card is available at MSRP of USD $649. Each card comes with a licensed copy of the Dante Virtual Soundcard capable of up to 64x64 bidirectional channels. Yamaha provides exclusive distribution and support. For more information please contact your local Yamaha sales representative.


About Audinate

Audinate revolutionizes the way that AV systems are connected by transporting high quality media over standard IT networks. Using Audinate's patent pending networking solution, digital media networking just got easy. Audinate’s solution has been licensed by customers across the AV industry and can be found in installations and live sound applications globally. Audinate offices are located in US and Australia.

About Yamaha Commercial Audio

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