Audinate Dante PCIe-R v3.10.0.6

Version of the Audinate PCIe-R firmware introduces support for Device Lock. 

Update (7th October 2016): The PCIe drivers have been updated to address some third-party application stability issues, and to provide support for macOS 10.12 Sierra.

You can download the files using the links to the right. 

  • Firmware: pcieAudinate- (new)
  • Windows driver: pcieDriverAudinate-
  • macOS driver: pcieDriverAudinate_1.8.0.3_macos.dmg

Use Dante Firmware Update Manager to upgrade your PCIe-R firmware.

What's New: 

Drivers v1.8.0.x (released 7th October 2016)

  • macOS driver: Support for macOS v10.12 Sierra.

Firmware v3.10.0.6 9 (released 6th July 2016)

  • Support for Device Lock: Dante PCIe-R cards can now be locked, using Dante Controller. When a Dante device is locked it cannot be controlled or configured, but can be monitored. Refer to the Dante Controller user guide for more information about Device Lock.
Supported Platforms: 
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7 (SP1)
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2008 R2
macOS 10.12.6
OS X 10.11.6
OS X 10.10.5

Please refer to the user guide for system requirements.

Note: The macOS Audinate PCIe-R card driver has not yet been fully validated for macOS 10.13, and use of the driver on macOS 10.13 is not formally supported.

However, should you choose to experiment, the kernel extension will need to be manually approved, by following the instructions in this Apple technical note.


Please refer to the user guide for installation instructions.

Release Date: 
Friday, October 7, 2016

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Bug Fixes: 

Drivers v1.8.0.x (released 7th October 2016)

  • EMB-2395 / ETS-845 / EMB-2394 / ETS-859 / EMB-2414 / EMB-2415 / ETS-877: Some third-party applications displayed instability when the PCIe card was selected as audio interface. The PCIe drivers were updated to resolve the issue.

Firmware v3.10.0.6 9 (released 6th July 2016)

  • EMB-1107: Microblaze crashes if an invalid sample rate is set
  • EMB-1295: DHCP can fail to acquire an address
  • EMB-527: DHCP cannot acquire an address if the DHCP server does not provide a broadcast address
  • EMB-1860: An incorrect RX flow state (no audio) was reported after IP address transition, even though audio was present
  • EMB-1924: Microblaze crashes if an invalid sample rate message with no body is sent to the device
  • EMB-1999: Rx minimum latency was being reported as 0, instead of the correct value
  • EMB-1989: Spurious channel change messages were sent on reboot
  • EMB-2054: Cannot self-subscribe to a Tx channel with 1 or more labels
  • EMB-2102: Tx flow queries that fill an Ethernet packet could include an truncated entry
  • EMB-2246: Not all gratuitous ConMon messages are sent on reboot
  • EMB-2266: Spurious flash save on boot
  • EMB-1850 - In some circumstances, the change of a PTP master clock's frequency from a 48K base to a 44K base can cause its clock to drift off-centre
  • EMB-1226: Devices could continue to receive audio from disabled Tx channels
  • EMB-1227: A subscription to a non-existent channel would continue to receive audio from the original multicast channel
  • EMB 1216: Devices sometimes would not appear in Dante Controller after extended periods on a network with no Dante Controller instance present
  • 6872: Device does not respond to IGMP source specific queries, it only responds to general queries
  • EMB-1179: Multicast flows created in quick succession may get lost on sample rate change
  • EMB-1111: Changing sample rate can reset encoding
  • 3737: Periodical notification from Rx channel when tx device can no more flows
  • EMB-1121: Device should always use higher of transmit and receive frames-per-packet value
  • EMB-1195: No ConMon TX_LABEL_CHANGE event after clearing the Tx label name
Known Issues: 
  • #6612: Audio artefacts can arise when increasing the buffer size via a DAW on OS X (this currently appears to be an OS X issue)
  • #7930: The PCIe driver does not communicate properly with the PCIe firmware. 
    Scope: Windows and OS X.
    Situation: This occurs if the PCIe driver on the host computer is updated before the PCIe card firmware. 
    ​Workaround: Update the the PCIe card firmware before updating the PCIe driver on the computer.
  • #7822: PCIe hosted in Thunderbolt cage can become unresponsive after waking from sleep.
    Scope: OS X
    Workaround: Restart the PC.