Audinate Dante PCIe-R v4.0.7.2

Version of the Audinate PCIe-R firmware introduces support for Dante Domain Manager, and static IP addressing.

The drivers have not been updated for this release.

You can download the files using the links to the right. 

  • Firmware: pcieAudinate- (new)
  • Windows driver: pcieDriverAudinate-
  • macOS driver: pcieDriverAudinate_1.8.0.3_macos.dmg

Use Dante Firmware Update Manager to upgrade your PCIe-R firmware.

What's New: 
  • Support for Dante Domain Manager
  • Support for static IP addressing
Supported Platforms: 
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7 (SP1)
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2008 R2
macOS 10.12.6
OS X 10.11.6
OS X 10.10.5

Please refer to the user guide for system requirements.

Note: The macOS Audinate PCIe-R card driver has not yet been fully validated for macOS 10.13, and use of the driver on macOS 10.13 is not formally supported.

However, should you choose to experiment, the kernel extension will need to be manually approved, by following the instructions in this Apple technical note.


Please refer to the user guide for installation instructions.

Release Date: 
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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Bug Fixes: 

Firmware v4.0.7.2

  • MIL-3470: Lonely reset is not cleared correctly and device can appear in both adhoc and domain mode
  • MIL-3499: Audio lost on rebooting an enrolled Tx device when DDM is down and legacy interop is enabled
  • MIL-3501: Device is not cleanly in a read only state after a clear config prior to a reboot
  • MIL-3529: Device may not reconnect to the DDM in certain circumstances
  • EMB-2571: gm uuid change not reflected in SAP advert
  • EMB-2651: ConMon keepalives are not cancelled for devices that are un-enrolled from a domain
  • MIL-2825 - arcp responses too big for millau message buffer
  • EMB-2441 - SAP advert is not updated when the device name changes
  • EMB-2440 - SAP advert is not updated when the PTP grandmaster changes
  • MIL-2620 - Multicast subs can go unresolved on rapid enrol / unenroll
  • MIL-2733 - Receiver subs got unresolved after changing device name then sample rates
  • MIL-2671 - DHCP addresses are not maintained if the device is rebooted more than once while the DHCP server is not present
  • MIL-2650 - Can't reboot device remotely using Dante Controller after using the 'Clear Domain Credentials' feature (device in isolation mode)
  • MIL-2685 - The automatic 'clear config' process performed on device enroll / un-enroll does not reset the clock chip frequency to the default value
  • MIL-2706 - An enrolled device with the same name as an adhoc device can cause the adhoc device to be unable to be subscribed to
  • MIL-2684 - Cannot subscribe to 32 (max) multicast flows when enrolled – subscription to the last flow created fails
  • MIL-432/445 - Fix for HW generated PTP delay request responses with corrupted fields
  • MIL-2621 - Enrolled redundant RXD crash with manual mcast flows set & going to switch mode
  • MIL-2616 - Discovery on device can change IP address of DDM to an invalid value if DDM falls back to Link Local address
  • MIL-2597 - APEC assert on TXD DBU value change
  • EMB-2484 - Fix upgrade handling for winbond flash
  • MIL-2539 - DDP device basic does not differentiate between non-redundant and redundant without secondary connected
  • MIL-2487 - A clocking test fails
  • MIL-2533 - Don’t reconnect to DDM on second I/F change
  • MIL-2510 - apec assert
  • MIL-2517 - Device doesn’t reconnect after sendmsg fail
  • MIL-2503 - Inconsistent state when Tx is unenrolled
  • MIL-2497 - Multicast flows lost on srate change sometimes
  • MIL-2506 - Tx status says none
  • MIL-2500 - Tx access control denied on subs when either rx or tx rebooted
  • MIL-2492 - apec receiving mcast asserts on reboot
  • MIL-2434 - Device does not reboot after clear config all
  • EMB-2281 - When creating AES67 flows with maximum slot size, the PCIe card reports no audio
Known Issues: 
  • EMB-2294: Unresolved subscriptions when changing Tx latency. Workaround: Reset the Rx side, either by rebooting or by unsubscribe, pause, then resubscribe all channels.
  • EMB-2573 – Existing subscriptions that are lost when increasing the sample rate (due to reduced channel count) are automatically restored when reverting to the previous sample rate, but will be unsubscribed on reboot. Workaround: Re-subscribe the lost subscriptions.
  • EMB-2308 – No latency info is displayed in Dante Controller when in redundant mode & the primary link is down
  • #6612: Audio artefacts can arise when increasing the buffer size via a DAW on OS X (this currently appears to be an OS X issue)
  • #7930: The PCIe driver does not communicate properly with the PCIe firmware. Scope: Windows and OS X. Situation: This occurs if the PCIe driver on the host computer is updated before the PCIe card firmware. ​Workaround: Update the the PCIe card firmware before updating the PCIe driver on the computer.
  • #7822: PCIe hosted in Thunderbolt cage can become unresponsive after waking from sleep. Scope: OS X. Workaround: Restart the PC.

DDM Interoperation

  • MIL-3505: Device will not pass audio if DDM is not present and it is rebooted with the primary unplugged
  • MIL-3603: Occasionally with legacy interop enabled at domain level, device may not appear in Dante Controller for ~20 seconds
  • MIL-3672: After clearing device config on enroll / un-enroll, no dashboard alert is presented indicating that the device must be rebooted to complete the clear config process.
  • MIL-3914: For enrolled redundant devices, after the primary and secondary interfaces have been disconnected, reconnecting the secondary only does not restore audio. Workaround: Reconnect the primary first.
  • MIL-2845: Multicast flows switch to unicast when redundant link is removed
  • MIL-2854: Multicast flows not updated with secondary interface address in domain mode