Dante Controller v4.0.6.5 (Windows)

Dante Controller v4.0.6.5 for Windows introduces support for Dante Domain Manager.

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What's New: 
  • Support for Dante Domain Manager:
    • Using Dante Controller you can now connect to a DDM server, log in as a DDM user, and access enrolled devices. Click the Domain Configuration button to open the Server Connection and User Login panels. Use the Domain drop-down menu to select domains for viewing and routing.
    • For DDM networks, the Device Info, Clock Status and Network Status tabs are now subdivided into IP subnets.  The Clock Status tab also now displays the Domain Status for enrolled devices. Shared devices (audio sharing between domains) are displayed in green text. Legacy devices (pre-v4.0 firmware) are highlighted in grey. Enrolled legacy devices that are moved to a non-DDM network can be revealed using the View menu > Show Hidden Devices.
    • See the user guide for more information about using Dante Controller in a DDM network.
  • DC-603 / DC-584: In the Device View > Status tab, the ‘Software Version’ and ‘Firmware Version’ fields are now labelled ‘Dante Firmware Version’ and ‘Hardware Version’ respectively. For software products, the Dante Software Version is displayed instead. The Status tab now also includes version information for the Bootloader or ROM partition on the device, as applicable.
  • MIL-2025: Dante Controller now supports the selection of virtual network interfaces, in non-shared mode when Hyper-V is installed (Windows only).
  • DC-585: Device Latency is now selected via a drop-down menu instead of radio buttons.
  • DC-583: The clock monitoring, filter pane, and channel groups view settings are now persistent across reboots.

See the Dante Controller user guide for more information about new features.

Supported Platforms: 
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7 (SP1)

All operating systems should be updated to the latest available version.


Installing or Updating Dante Controller

To install Dante Controller you will need to be logged on with administrator privileges.

Note: You do not need to uninstall the previous version before installing this update.

To install Dante Controller:

  • Ensure you are logged on to your computer as an administrator.
  • Navigate to and double-click the downloaded Dante Controller installer file.
  • Read the license agreement. If you agree to the terms, select the 'I agree' checkbox and click Install.
  • If you do not agree to the terms, click Close.
  • Confirm / acknowledge any Windows security prompts that are displayed.
Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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Bug Fixes: 
  • DC-548: Fixed a bug that could cause Dante Controller to crash on non-English Windows.
  • DC-450: Device names for Ultimo devices that are upgrading are now displayed in the correct colour.
  • DC-565: Static IP addresses can no longer include zero in the first octet.
  • DC-564: The Presets function no longer erroneously reports that devices do not support ‘subscribe to self’ when they actually do.
  • DC-572: Fixed a bug that could cause excessive log file sizes.
  • DC-604: Fixed the switch configuration drop-down so that only one click is required to confirm.
Known Issues: 
  • MIL-2928: Sometimes for enrolled DVS devices, in the Device View > Device Config tab, the sample rate and encoding drop-down menus can erroneously show a message indicating that the selected option is not valid. Workaround: Refresh the Device Config view.
  • MIL-3936: For enrolled legacy devices, it is possible to apply sample rate pull-up using the Presets function. Workaround: Disassociate the device, then remove the pull-up from the device using the Device Config tab.
  • MIL-3932: For enrolled devices, the Clear Config button (in Device View > Device Config) is erroneously enabled (but will not perform the function).
  • DC-622: Using the 'Show Hidden Devices' feature with devices that use private custom encodings also exposes channels that cannot typically be used for audio routing in Dante Controller.