Dante Brooklyn II Module

Notice: The Brooklyn II module was replaced by the Dante Brooklyn 3 Module. The Brooklyn 3 is a drop-in replacement and includes more capability than the Brooklyn II. Check it out! 

Give your products the Dante advantage more quickly and cost effectively than ever before with our most advanced module to date. The Dante Brooklyn II module is a mini‐PCI form factor module that provides a complete, ready to use Dante interface for
 any networked audio product design. Its small size belies the powerful capabilities of Brooklyn II, which supports up to 64 bi-directional channels of audio with incredibly low latency, low jitter and sub-microsecond synchronization over Gigabit networks.


  • Mini-PCI form factor: The most powerful Dante device is also the smallest, ready to fit into virtually any design
  • Wide Interface Support: SPI, I2C, RS232 and configurable GPIO
  • Powerful Onboard Microprocessor: Local control and management without the need for an additional CPU
  • Powerful Development Tools: Easy to use, Linux based software development environment for custom functionality and control
  • Patented Dante media networking: Low latency, tightly synchronized transport of uncompressed audio over IP networks using off the shelf switches
  • Simplified configuration management: includes easy to use Dante features like automatic device discovery, plug and play networking.
  • Works seamlessly with any other Dante-enabled devices on a network
  • Up to 64 x 64 redundant channels @ 48kHz
  • Complete Sample Rate Support: Up to 64x64 channels at 44.1/48kHz, 32x32 at 88.2/96kHz and 16x16 at 176.4/192kHz
  • Support for 2, 4, 8 or 16 audio channels per TDM line to accommodate any design
  • Support for Gigabit and 100Mbps Ethernet


  • Mixing consoles
  • Networked DSP units
  • Power amplifiers
  • Break-out / break-in boxes
  • Digital audio recording
  • Digital snakes
  • Voice Alarm systems
  • Powered loudspeakers
  • Microphone
  • Network Pre-Amps
  • Microphone interface
  • MI Interface boxes
  • Control surfaces

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