BSS - BLU-806DA (BLU-806)

Formerly known as BLU-806

The Soundweb London BLU-806DA offers configurable I/O, configurable signal processing, Dante / AES67 audio and a high bandwidth, fault tolerant digital audio bus.

The BLU-806DA has open architecture which is fully configurable through HiQnet™ London Architect. A rich palette of processing and logic objects and a “drag and drop” method of configuration provide a simple and familiar design environment.

This processor features Dante / AES67 audio with primary and secondary ports for fault tolerance, with control through a separate Ethernet port. As well, the processor includes support for Dante 4.0 firmware for integration with Dante Domain Manager.

The BLU-806DA also features a low latency, fault tolerant digital audio bus of 256 channels which uses standard Category 5e cabling giving a distance of 100m between compatible devices. Fiber optic media converters can be used to increase the distance between devices to over 40km.

Four card slots facilitate many different device I/O configurations. Each slot can accommodate any of six available I/O cards, including the Analog Input Card, Analog Output Card, Digital Input Card, Digital Output Card, AEC Input Card, and Telephone Hybrid Card. Each card supports four channels.

Analog Input Cards provide software configurable gain in 6dB steps up to +48dB per channel and software selectable Phantom Power per channel. Digital Input Cards and Digital Output Cards process AES/EBU and/or S/PDIF audio and offer a variety of clocking and syncing options. AEC Input Cards and Telephone Hybrid Cards facilitate specialized processing and interfacing primarily for teleconferencing applications. (Further information about the I/O cards can be found on dedicated datasheets)

Phantom Power, Sync, Signal Present and Clip information per channel is easily accessible, without the requirement for a PC, from clear front panel LED indication. Device-specific information such as Device Name, Device Type, Firmware Version Number, Time, IP Address and Subnet Mask is available from the front panel display. A bi-directional locate function allows devices to be identified both from and within HiQnet London Architect.

12 Control Inputs and 6 Logic Outputs allow the BLU-806DA to be integrated with GPIO compatible devices. The Soundweb London Interface Kit, comprehensive documentation which details how Soundweb London systems can be integrated with third party control systems, is included within the installation of HiQnet London Architect.

The BLU-806DA and the other members of the Soundweb London family provide the building blocks of the perfectly tailored system solution.

Case Studies

Formerly a silent movie venue when it was constructed in 1926, Shea's Buffalo Theatre just completed an extensive, 18-year, $20 million restoration project that included a comprehensive audio systems refurbishment. The main sound system -- and an additional lobby system where none existed before -- is now Dante-enabled with the use of unobtrusive Attero Tech audio wall plates and a BSS DSP. By using a single Cat5 cable, the theatre was able to eliminate a lot of wiring, termination, conduit, and labor, saving money in the process.

As one of the largest exhibition centers in the Northeastern United States, the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) boasts over a half million square feet of exhibit space utilizing a wide range of best-in-class technologies. BCEC exhibitors enjoy access to BCEC’s many technological amenities, including fast Internet speeds, Wi-Fi, scalable telephony, and digital signage and displays.

Located on the campus of Auburn University in Alabama—a prominent public research university—Jordan-Hare is the tenth largest on-campus football stadium in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In a recent independent survey of Southeast Conference college fans, Jordan-Hare Stadium was rated the number one game day experience among SEC colleges.

伦敦 Ministry of Sound 精简了其 Harman 工具和销售网络,包括升级为 Sound Technology 提供的 Soundcraft Vi3000 和 Realtime Rack 插件引擎。

MoS 制片人 Chris Thoms 表示: “我们对 Si2 控制台的一流表现非常满意,不过我们最近一直在寻找屏幕更大的升级版本,以及让巡演工程师操作起来更舒服的平台”。“Vi3000 在大小和功能方面达到了良好的平衡,凭借Studer 技术,其音质也是令人惊叹的。”

Realtime Rack 插件引擎直接连接到 Vi3000 内置的 MADI 接口,MoS 在控制台上安装了一个专有的 BSS BLU-Link 卡,可以让控制台和 BSS Soundweb London伦敦音频网络之间实现 32×32 数字接口,后者也是 Harman Professional 的产品,最近也升级成了 Dante 兼容的 BLU-806 处理器。

Thoms 说: “有了 BLU-806 的 Dante 拖线和 Vi3000 的 BLU-Link 卡,我们腾出了很多输出接口,而且绕过了很多传统的数字到模拟的转换过程”。


Sound Technology 项目组领导人 Ben Todd 补充说:“有了新的控制台和 DSP,我们就能够以简单而优雅的方式扩展现有的系统。这样 MoS 可以在调音台或者已安装的 DSP 装置前控制杜比全景声多点环绕。这样我们就拥有了非常强大和灵活的接口,给 Chris 和团队提供了梦寐以求的更加创新的方法,帮助他们突破界限。”

大芝加哥地区是拥有七所礼拜设施的跨教派社区柳溪社区教会的总部。主教堂位于伊利诺伊州南巴灵顿,负责将视频和音频内容发布到教堂的六个卫星位置。柳溪社区这次转型的核心是 Dante 网络,工作人员将用其来简化园区四个不同场馆的布线以及多个音频通道的分配和管理过程。

The Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech presents programs that transform lives through exploration and engagement with the arts and the creative process. A significant part of this experience is The Cube, a unique, four-story, state-of-the-art Theater and high tech laboratory that serves multiple platforms of creative practice by faculty, students, and guest artists and researchers from around the world.

The expansive Richardson Independent School District in the metropolitan Dallas, Texas is comprised of 55 campuses, covers 38.5 square miles and portions of three cities, and serves more than 38,000 students. Two of the district's campuses, Richardson High School and Lake Highlands High School, recently modernized the school audio systems in their respective auditoriums to bring them further into the digital realm.

The Australian Turf Club’s Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney is considered one of the finest horse racing tracks in the world. Randwick spans more than 200 acres, including a six-level grandstand and 15 unique indoor and outdoor spaces used for horse racing and non-race day events, from conferences and exhibitions to premier music and entertainment shows.