Jünger - Stereo Audio Processor D*AP4 LM EDITION

With 4 processing channels and optional logging features, the D*AP4 LM EDITION is the ideal solution for automatic and intelligent loudness management in real-time stereo TV or radio broadcast playout environments. Jünger Audio’s Level Magic™ ensures maximum audio quality whilst maintaining compliance with all worldwide loudness standards.

Flexible I/O options include AES, 3G SDI, MADI, Dante™ and analog.

Standard processing blocks include: Level Magic™ loudness management, compressor, expander, parametric EQ, automatic fail over and voice over functionality.

Optional features are: Spectral Signature™ dynamic EQ, de-esser and FM conditioning. 

An intuitive web interface provides control from anywhere in your network including mobile devices. All system parameters are remotely accessible allowing the unit to be integrated and operated by broadcast control systems. An advanced built-in Event Management tool allows the loading of presets either by GPIOs, network triggers or the optional X*AP remote panel.