Jünger - Surround Audio Processor D*AP8 FLX

Providing an adaptable approach to digital audio processing, the D*AP8 FLX offers complete flexibility from a choice of multiple I/O formats including AES, SDI, MADI, Dante™ and analog, coupled with an extensive list of license based processing options to create a fully customized solution in an efficient and space saving form factor.

Designed to be easily upgradable through the installation of additional licenses, the D*AP8 FLX is a cost effective surround digital audio processor that can grow and expand to match the evolving needs of a wide range of applications.

Available processing options include: Level Magic™ loudness management, compressor, expander, parametric EQ, Spectral Signature™ dynamic EQ, automatic surround Upmix and
voice over functionality.  The D*AP8 FLX can also be equipped with optional Dolby® decoding and encoding.

By combining multiple I/O interfaces, the D*AP8 FLX can also function as a bridge between different standards such as Dante™, 3G SDI or MADI.