Jünger - Surround Audio Processor D*AP8 TAP EDITION

The D*AP8 TAP EDITION is the ideal solution for automatic and intelligent loudness management in real-time surround TV broadcast playout environments. Jünger Audio’s Level Magic™ ensures maximum audio quality whilst maintaining compliance with all worldwide loudness standards.

Multiple audio I/O formats are supported including native AES along with optional 3G SDI, MADI, Dante™ and analog, allowing the D*AP8 TAP EDITION to also function as a bridge between different standards such as Dante™, 3G SDI or MADI.

The D*AP8 TAP EDITION audio processor features loudness control plus dynamic range processing for up to eight channels of audio. Optional Dolby® audio decoding and encoding including metadata management is also available, along with 5.1 Downmix and automatic Upmix features, sophisticated fail over and voice over solutions.

Additionally, Jünger Audio’s Spectral Signature™ dynamic equalizer, a powerful creative tool that allows adaptive control of the spectral balance of your content is a standard feature.