Jünger - Option Board Dante I/O

Note: This product is not sold separately. It is an option card for Dante compatibility with Junger's product suite.

With up to 16 channels, the Dante™ I/O option board is meant to extend the interface capabilities of any Jünger Audio D*AP device. The modular approach of these devices allows combining different interface standards.

Thus, it is possible to add advanced audio processing to your Dante™ network and bridge to other interface standards like AES/EBU, 3G SDI, MADI and analog.

The Dante™ option board user interface is capable of displaying all signal names and labels within the D*AP device to make the routing as easy as possible. Further, the network configuration can easily be set up.

D*AP devices equipped with this option board may work as sync slaves or can operate as a clock master (preferred master) for a Dante™ network. When configured as a sync master, it is possible to sync a Dante™ network to a SDI video signal.