Lectrosonics - SPNDNT

This DSP processor operates as a native Dante device and a native ASPEN device to enable signal routing and processing in and out of the Dante and ASPEN digital matrices. Final mixes in the ASPEN matrix can be routed to one or more Dante transmit channels and subscriptions to Dante transmit channels can be routed to one or more ASPEN matrix inputs. Signal processing of these channels includes Automatic Mixing, Gain and Delay.

Case Studies

West Jordan High School, a public institution located southwest of Salt Lake City, has vastly increased audio quality and optimized flexibility in its main auditorium with a new multi-vendor Dante audio networked solution from Audinate.  Since installing the Dante network, West Jordan High School has enhanced the way it can produce musical concerts, public assemblies and special events for its guests and more than 2,000-strong student body, which includes the largest choir program of any Utah public school.

The Rio Rancho United Methodist Church near Albuquerque, New Mexico is realizing its vision of meeting human needs through open hearts, open minds and open arms by enhancing worship services and special events through a modern, networked AV system that delivers live music and sermons to several locations on campus. Installing Dante has provided a reliable solution to Rio Rancho.