Studio Technologies - Model 5204 Dual Line Input to Dante Interface

The Model 5204 Interface is a general-purpose audio device that supports applications utilizing the Dante® Audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology. Two 2-channel ("stereo") analog line-level audio signals can be connected to the Model 5204 and then converted to two channels on an associated Dante connection.

Analog audio signals connect to line input A by way of a 3-conductor ("stereo") 3.5 mm jack. This allows the direct interfacing of signals from a variety of sources such as personal audio and multimedia players, smartphones, and personal computers. These signals typically have an average (nominal) signal level in the range of –20 to –10 dBu. Line input B supports connection of balanced analog audio signals using two XLR connectors. Average signal levels for these types of signals are typically in the range of 0 to +4 dBu.

Key Features

  • Dante audio-over-Ethernet technology
  • Two line-level inputs to Dante outputs
  • Audio channel level metering
  • Excellent audio quality
  • PoE powered
  • USB dedicated charging port with auto-mode selection
  • Standard connectors; compact, lightweight design

Case Studies

As a four-year public university offering 64 degree programs to more than 5,500 students, Governors State University (GSU), in University Park, IL, has an intensive video mission that encompasses producing thousands of hours of video for media programs and video libraries on behalf of such high-profile publishers as the American Psychological Association.