XTA - NxBoB16

The NXBoB8 and NXBoB16 can be inserted anywhere in a Dante digital audio stream, converting the signal to analogue for carrying to analogue amplifiers and PA systems.

The units will also act as an amp manager for the MC2 Ti amplifier range, learning the network setup and then interrogating the amps to check that they are performing normally and report on the operational status.

Case Studies

Due to limited space, multi-functionality for areas within cruise liners has become a must. As the ships grow in size and required bandwidth, the implementation of fibre-based technologies is also becoming increasingly important. Now that newer protocols have been developed for faster networks, such as Audinate’s Dante, bidirectional audio distribution to and from and between venues is becoming more viable. For TUI Cruises Entertainment Berlin, Dante has been a worthy investment that has allowed for the kind of networking flexibility that is required.

For the tour of Oasis, world-famous rock band from Manchester, UK, Brittania Row Productions needed a high quality digital networking solution that could offer sample-accurate synchronization and sub-millisecond latency to distribute professional quality audio across the whole venue. They found that solution in Dante.