Yamaha - RSio64-D

The RSio64-D is an audio interface that can convert between Dante and Mini-YGDAI formats for up to 64 inputs and 64 outputs. It provides versatile routing capability as well. Four Mini-YGDAI card slots allow cards for a wide variety of input/output formats as well as processing functions to be connected to a Dante network for live sound, broadcast, recording, post production, and other applications. The RSio64-D also supports remote setup from CL and QL series consoles.


  • Accepts a wide range of Mini-YGDAI input/output and processing cards
  • Seven general routing presets, including routing between Mini-YGDAI cards
  • Supports matrix patching from R Remote V3 or a CL/QL series console
  • Sample rate converters for all four Mini-YGDAI slots
  • EXT DC INPUT for redundant power supplies
  • Supports Dante redundancy (primary/secondary)