Dante Controller

I'm trying to set up a subscription between devices in Dante Controller, but I'm getting a 'clock domain mismatch' message - why is this?

This is because the devices have been configured with different sample rate pull-up/down settings, which means they are operating on different clock domains. Devices on different clock domains cannot be subscribed to each other.

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One of my Dante devices has a percentage value shown against its Clock Status - why is this?

This is because the device has been configured with sample rate pull-up/down, and so is operating on a dedicated clock domain. To check if a device has been configured with sample rate pull-up/down, open the Device View for the device, and select the Device Config tab. The sample rate pull-up/down setting is shown in the Sample Rate section.

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Is it possible to determine which physical Dante device corresponds to an entry in Dante Controller?

Dante Controller incorporates support for device identification. Double click any device in the Network View to open the Device View, the click on the “Identify” button. This will cause LEDs on the device to flash (note that not all Dante devices support this feature).

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What else does the Dante Controller allow me to do?

In addition to audio routing the Dante Controller allows you to:

  • Configure device parameters such as device name, receive latency and sample rate and clocking parameters.
  • View network and device information such as link speeds, status and utilization; clock status and firmware version.
  • Be notified when significant changes happen on the network such as a change of clock master.

For more information, see the Dante Controller User Guide.