Network Basics

What is Dante Discovery?

(Windows only)

Dante Discovery is an Audinate service that Dante software uses on Windows platforms to discover Dante-enabled devices on the network. It is installed automatically with newer Dante software applications, and for those applications it takes over the role of the previously used discovery service, Apple Bonjour.

The service needs to be running for Dante software to work. If the service stops, you can restart it via Task Manager > Services tab > Services button (bottom right).

If the service stops regularly:

How should I configure my firewall for use with Dante?

The standard firewalls that are installed with Windows and OS X are automatically configured by Dante software at installation.

However, if you are using a third-party firewall and/or need to manually enable ports and applications:

Dante Discovery

The Dante Discovery service (the service that automatically discovers Dante devices on the network) requires that the ‘Dante mDNSResponder’ application is allowed access through the firewall (this is a per-application rule, rather than a per-port rule).

Can Dante operate over a Wi-Fi network?

No. While possible in principle, the practical limitations of current wireless technology (802.11a/b/g/n) render reliable audio performance, with ultra-low latency unachievable. For this reason, Dante Virtual Soundcard and Dante Via will not recognize wireless connections for audio data.

However, you can use Dante Controller to control and configure the Dante network over a Wi-Fi connection. Dante Controller must be version 3.10 or higher for Wi-Fi support.

To enable this feature:

How does Dante manage QoS?

Dante uses standard Voice over IP (VoIP) Quality of Service (QoS) switch features to prioritize clock sync and audio traffic over other network traffic. QoS is available in many inexpensive and enterprise Ethernet switches. Any switch that supports Diffserv (DSCP) QoS with strict priority and 4 queues, and has Gigabit ports for inter-switch connections should be appropriate for use with Dante.

See this FAQ for information about DSCP/Diffserv values.