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Corporate: Video Conferencing

Corporate Video Conferencing Suite Audio System Application Diagrams

Video conferencing suites and small meeting rooms need flexibility. Different numbers of people may attend and you may have audio sources from more than one PC. With an analog setup you need to install cabling infrastructure for the largest possible configuration, even though this may rarely be used. Increasing capacity in the future is difficult.

Dante provides flexibility and expansion as you need it. You can connect a number of microphones and PCs as you need them, just using a network connection. If you have more than one room, the microphones can be shared and used in each room as required. Easily support secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) connectivity with a Dante AVIO USB adapter.

Dante Domain Manager for Corporate Environments
A multi-room AV setup uses Dante Domain Manager to ensure security between audio systems in each room. Setting each one up as a domain ensures that confidential or sensitive information is not available elsewhere on the network. You can manage temporary connections for one-off events and patch this into your permanent systems, confident that audio is only going where you want it.