Hospitality: Ballroom

Ballroom Audio System Application Diagrams

Ballrooms and similar entertainment spaces are extremely busy environments where no two days are the same. Microphones and other equipment will connect into different points around the room. Many suites have room dividers letting you split the space up for several simultaneous events. This can result in the need for a lot of analog cabling to cope with all the different possible connections.

Dante simplifies connectivity, even in small set ups. Using industry standard, low cost Ethernet cabling, everything runs back to one or more network switches. Using a networked connection, you have no concerns about hums and buzzes associated with analog connections.

You can expand your system at any time simply by connecting more devices and switches to your network. Making changes to a system using Dante is easier, less expensive and more feasible than with many analog systems. There is no need to reroute wires as any of the network jacks can be used for any Dante-enabled device. For example, a mixer can be moved out to the patio for a special dinner and back inside for the dancing with no configuration changes needed.