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House of Worship: Large

Large House of Worship - Audio System Diagrams

A large house of worship has challenging audio requirements from speech, to high performance music and even audio for video. Services are often streamed, too.

These big systems require a large audio infrastructure to deal with all the different inputs along with feeds to many public address and monitor loudspeakers.

With Dante, your audio connectivity is consolidated into a simpler, more flexible system using standard network switches and low cost IT cabling.

You’ve complete flexibility in routing audio from stage to the mixer to PA and monitor feeds as well as to recording, streaming and other rooms within the building.

Dante Domain Manager for Large House of Worship Applications
Using Dante Domain Manager you can give your house of worship the security it needs. You can ensure that only people who are allowed access can make changes to any part of the audio system across the building.

By dividing your house of worship into separate domains, users can access smaller systems with no risk of upsetting the audio elsewhere.