Live Performance: Touring Systems and Venues

Touring Setups and Live Performance Venue Audio System Application Diagrams

Live performances have dozens of inputs, utilizing many microphones, radio mics and playback. This audio needs to be split to the monitor engineer and also sometimes to a broadcast or recording console. There are further outputs to different amplifier racks to drive the main PA and monitor loudspeakers.

Dante significantly simplifies the audio infrastructure, removing dozens or even hundreds of analogue connections. Cat-5 or fiber links connect it all together and you can use secondary Dante connections to give you more resilience. If you want to connect to broadcast or to a recording console -  it’s just one cable.

Dante Domain Manager for Live Performance Venue Applications
A busy performance venue often contains more than one audio system. It will have an in-house PA system, but will have to accommodate visiting acts who like to use their own system. Dante Domain Manager ensures that a temporary network connection from a visiting act is locked down and can only access part of your system such as the house delay loudspeakers.