Dante Via: When I send a source with many audio channels to a destination, which channels get connected together?

By default, Dante Via connects channels sequentially – that is, channel 1 or the source will go to channel 1 of the destination, channel 2 will go to channel 2, 3 to 3 etc. until the channel limit is reached.

For hardware devices, the channel limit is typically the number of channels on the device with the least number of channels. For software, only 2 channels can be connected (inbound or outbound).

For sources and destinations with just stereo capability, the left channel is channel 1, and the right channel is channel 2.

So, for example, sending a stereo microphone to a DAW will connect the microphone’s left channel to channel 1 of the DAW, and the microphone’s right channel to channel 2 of the DAW.

You can use our Dante Controller application (it’s free!) to more precisely control how individual channels are routed.

Dante Via supports one-to-many connections – i.e. you can send any individual channel from a source to multiple channels on a destination.