How is latency adjusted in a Dante system? | Audinate | FAQs

How is latency adjusted in a Dante system?

Dante latency is deterministic; that is, it is not dependent upon circumstances but instead well known and consistent within the system all of the time.

Each Dante receiver introduces a specific, user-adjustable amount of latency before playing out audio to account for any delay variation in the network or end device, and this guarantees that all devices play out in perfect sync. Dante Controller sets this latency per device, and the value selected should be based on the size of the network. Some examples are shown below:

1 switch hop (very small network): 0.15ms
3 switch hops (small network): 0.25ms
5 switch hops (medium network): 0.5ms
10 switch hops (large network): 1ms
+10 switch hops (very large network): 5ms