Dante Certification Program | Audinate | Dante Pro AV Networking

Dante Certification Level 1

RU Credits: 3.0 CTS, CTS-D or CTS-I

Dante Certification Level 1 introduces attendees to the Dante platform. It offers fundamental knowledge on digital audio, networking addresses and how to use Dante Controller with your Dante devices. This is enough knowledge to operate a Dante system in daisy chain mode or on a single network switch.

What's new in the "second edition":

  • Understanding various PoE standards
  • Video basics – the primer for IT and audio teams
  • Using Dante AV on a Dante network
  • Using Dante Controller’s screens to troubleshoot issues

To get certified for Level 1, you must complete the Level 1 course & exam at audinate.com/certify.

Dante Certification Level 2

RU Credits: 3.0 CTS, CTS-D or CTS-I

Dante Certification Level 2 offers a deeper explanation of how to create larger networks. This class offers insights on how much bandwidth is used, how to manage it, basic optimization and factors if you wish to chase an external clock. Level 2 is helpful when working on systems that will involve multiple network switches.

What's new in the "second edition":

  • Network subnets
  • Predicting and overcoming bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Managed switches
  • Demystifying clocking
  • Using Dante Controller’s screens to troubleshoot issues (continued)
  • Firmware Updater
  • Using Dante Controller with Dante Domain Manager

To get certified for Level 2, you must ​complete the entire Level 2 course & exam at audinate.com/certify

Dante Certification Level 3

RU Credits: 4.0 CTS or CTS-D

Dante Certification Level 3 builds the necessary skills to navigate a Layer 3 Enterprise network. This includes explanations of what Layer 3 means, why it is helpful and how Dante systems can naturally span a building, a campus, or even multiple properties. This class takes a tour of the various connections and protocols Dante uses, which leads to a simplified approach to troubleshooting. And, it offers demonstrations of Dante Domain Manager connecting devices across the Layer 3 space.

This class is especially helpful to those who want to build a large Dante network, as well as those who wish to improve their ability to work with IT staff at large organizations.

What's new in the "second edition":

  • IP ports
  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  • A simple system troubleshooting approach
  • Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model
  • Layer 2 vs layer 3 networks
  • Dante Domain Manager fundamentals
  • GPS clocking

Note: For those who took the original Level 3 class, this edition is more relatable, and will instill more understanding that can be applied directly to AV designs. If you are looking to “recertify,” we still suggest taking the earlier classes first. 

To get certified for Level 3 you must complete the entire Level 3 course and exam at audinate.com/certify.

Dante Domain Manager Administrator Course (Elective)

RU Credits: None

The Dante Domain Manager Administrator course is the long-awaited comprehensive training module for those looking to expand their knowledge beyond Dante Levels 1, 2 and 3 (2nd Edition).

Dante AV (Elective)

RU Credits: None

During this hour-long on-demand training session, we explain the key offerings of our Dante video platform: Dante AV Ultra, Dante AV-H and Dante Studio, as well as the products required to build a Dante AV system such as encoders, decoders and cameras.