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Online Training Courses and AVIXA CTS RU Credit

Audinate provides training in nine languages and multiple formats. Click on any format to view the calendar of events.

Live In-Person events provide the ultimate immersion and interaction.  Depending on the location, topic and time available, some in-person classes offer hands-on opportunities or live demonstrations. 

On-Demand courses allow students to follow training at their own pace.  Many of these are produced in our offices for the most efficient playback time… they are not simply recordings of live events. 

Live Webinars provide a nice blend of remote learning and the ability to ask questions.  A regular cycle of common classes are available, as well as special events for new feature announcements, product demonstrations and system profiles. 

Webinar Archive is a great resource for those who missed a key webinar.  It is also a great place to flip through older webinars for ideas on a project. 

Dante Certification (2nd edition)

The Dante Certification program provides an excellent way for system designers, engineers and technicians to learn about Dante and promote their experience. In fact, industry job listings often list Dante Certification Level 2 or 3 as desirable qualifications. The classes are free, and we encourage all in the industry to progress through the whole program.

The Second Edition of this Certification was released in late 2021, and represents a significant enhancement over the original program that stood for six years. The new program provides significant updates around new Dante features and network capabilities, it adds training around video, Layer 3 networks, advanced clocking options, and more.

In addition, the new program also spends more time on networking fundamentals that not only help understand Dante systems. This instills life skills that will help attendees in their work with control, lighting and other systems that also use IP, as well.

The Second Edition is presented with demonstrations of live Dante systems. This accelerates the uptake on Dante Controller, and deepens understanding of set-up, operation and troubleshooting.

Level 1Level 2Level 3
On-Demand Class3 CTS RU (each level)
Live “Abridged” Class
In-Person or Webinar
*credits earned for live classes can be in addition to the on-demand class.

For those seeking AVIXA CTS Renewal Units (RUs), each Dante Certification on-Demand class is worth 3 RUs.  

Because many students benefit from multiple exposures to the content – especially at Levels 2 and 3 – we also provide live “abridged” versions of the classes as a complement to the on-demand class.  Think of these as live study sessions that can be attended in-person or through a webinar format.  Attendance at these abridged classes are worth an additional 2 RUs. 

Dante Certification Level 1 (Second Edition)

Basics - Using Dante on One Unmanaged Network Switch 

On-Demand: 3 RUs for CTS, CTS-I and CTS-D 

In-Person or Webinar Classes: +2 RUs CTS, CTS-I and CTS-D 

Dante Certification Level 1 (2nd Edition) focuses on the skills to design, set up and operate a Dante audio/video system on a single network switch.  This class will establish fundamental skills in audio, video and networking, and offer an introduction to the main tools used in a Dante network.  Demonstrations offer attendees a practical feel for Dante's breadth, reach and simplicity. 

Dante Certification Level 2 (Second Edition)

Intermediate – Using Dante on Multiple Managed Switches (Layer 2) 

Dante Certification Level 2 (2nd Edition) builds the necessary skillset to confidently design, set up, operate and troubleshoot Dante systems that span multiple network switches.  This class extensively looks at how bandwidth flows on the network, discussing features on managed switches that can be used to optimize traffic, identifying and solving potential bandwidth bottlenecks, and understanding how clocking is different in AVoIP as opposed to conventional BNC distribution.  Demonstrations with a live system bring these topics to life.   

Dante Certification Level 3 (Second Edition)

Advanced –Converged, Layer 3/Enterprise and Secure Network 

On-Demand: 3 RUs for CTS, CTS-I and CTS-D 

In-Person or Webinar Classes: +2 RUs CTS, CTS-I and CTS-D 

Dante Certification Level 3 (2nd Edition) tackles the fundamentals of Layer 3 enterprise networks and operating on converged networks.  This class explains the many key roles Dante Domain Manager™ plays in more network capability and offers a demonstration of the server itself.   

This class begins with a bit more detail on network fundamentals as a lead in to identifying individual connections and roles in a Dante network.  With a provided list of connections, attendees can confidently address IT managers in a zero-trust environment where all streams must be declared.  If one connection is blocked, this class offers a simple troubleshooting approach that helps identify which connection needs to be restored.  And in a secure environment, the ability to provide authentication and obscurity are also shown. 

The class then moves to an explanation of the OSI model, as a way of understanding the challenges of AVoIP in a Layer 3 space – especially around discovery and clocking.  Demonstrations then show Dante crossing a Layer 3 space with no special accommodations from the switches.  Finally, for really large networks, GPS clocking is briefly explained. 

Other training classes

Getting Started with Dante (8-part video series)

1.5 CTS or CTS-D RU credits

This online course is an introduction to setting up and using a Dante system.

The 8-part Getting Started with Dante series of videos provides a high-level practical view of Dante networking. It is the perfect place to begin understanding how to setup and use a Dante system, no matter what kind of installation or setting your work requires.

The Principles of Digital Audio

3.0 CTS RU credits

This basic-level online course explores the principles of digital audio, and digital networking.

Introduction to IP Networking for AV Systems

3.0 CTS or CTS-D RU credits

This online course is an introduction to networking in Digital Audio. There are numerous advantages to using networks for A/V systems and we will develop a firm background on networking basics, as well as how the existing standards can be pulled together to form Dante.

Live Training

Audinate often hosts or participates in training that provides RU credit such as Dante AV Networking World events. They are often held in conjunction with industry tradeshows and meetings, integrator events, and Dante partner road shows. Many offer specific Dante Certification or AVIXA CTS RU credits. Sign up for Dante news and check the Events page so you don't miss out. Registrations often fill up quickly. Subscribe to Dante News