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Online Training Courses and AVIXA CTS RU Credit

We offer self-paced online courses, live webinar-style courses and in-person training events. The ones listed below are approved for AVIXA CTS RU credit (formerly known as InfoComm CTS).

Dante Certification

The Dante Certification program provides an easy way for system designers, engineers and others in the industry to learn about Dante with in-depth training and promote their expertise.

Level 1 - Introduction to Dante

2.0 CTS RU credits

Level 1 certification tests proficiency of basic Dante audio networking concepts, and covers audio networking fundamentals, basic networking concepts, creating a small-scale Dante network, and using Dante Controller and Dante Virtual Soundcard.

Level 2 - Intermediate Dante Concepts

2.0 CTS or CTS-D RU credits

Level 2 Certification tests proficiency of intermediate Dante audio networking concepts, including Dante redundancy, clocking, latency and multicast.


Level 3 - Advanced Dante Concepts

4.0 CTS or CTS-D RU credits

Level 3 certification is geared towards those who have already been using Dante, are are looking to create more advanced systems.

Dante AV (Elective)

This video explains the Dante AV solution from the ground up, and is designed for all experience levels. There are no prerequisites to this class.

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Getting Started with Dante (8-part video series)

1.5 CTS or CTS-D RU credits

This online course is an introduction to setting up and using a Dante system.

The 8-part Getting Started with Dante series of videos provides a high-level practical view of Dante audio networking. It is the perfect place to begin understanding how to setup and use a Dante system, no matter what kind of installation or setting your work requires.

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Introduction to IP Networking for AV Systems

3.0 CTS or CTS-D RU credits

This online course is an introduction to networking in Digital Audio. There are numerous advantages to using networks for A/V systems and we will develop a firm background on networking basics, as well as how the existing standards can be pulled together to form Dante.

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The Principles of Digital Audio

3.0 CTS RU credits

This basic-level online course explores the principles of digital audio, and digital audio networking.

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Live Training

Audinate often hosts or participates in training that provides RU credit such as Dante AV Networking World events. They are often held in conjunction with industry tradeshows and meetings, integrator events, and Dante partner road shows. Many offer specific Dante Certification or AVIXA CTS RU credits. Sign up for Dante news and check the Events page so you don't miss out. Registrations often fill up quickly. Subscribe to Dante News