Video Series: Getting Started with Dante – Audio Networking Training

The Getting Started with Dante 8-part series of videos provides a high-level practical view of Dante audio networking. It is the perfect place to begin understanding how to setup and use a Dante system, no matter what kind of installation or setting your work requires. 

Click on a video link below to start, or see the instructions below to watch and learn for 1.5 CTS RU credits.

Closed Captions available in English, Spanish (Español), Japanese (日本語) and Chinese (简体中文) . 

  1. Dante Overview
  2. A Simple Dante Network
  3. Dante Controller
  4. Dante Virtual Soundcard
  5. Networking Basics for Audio
  6. Dante Clocking Basics
  7. Unicast and Multicast Transport
  8. Dante Redundancy

How to Enroll for AVIXA CTS RU Credit

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Once you are logged in, click on "Course catalog" and enroll in the course titled "Getting Started with Dante."