Your Essential Guide to Virtual Meetings and Distance Learning after Covid-19

Businesses and higher education institutions worldwide currently find themselves walking a unique tightrope. The COVID-19 pandemic rages in some regions and
has calmed down in others, but all over, many such organisations are attempting to resume some version of standard operations.

Learn more about how Sennheiser & Dante can deliver high-quality business and classroom conferencing to address a world in transition.

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The Relationship Between Dante, AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110: An introduction to the SMPTE ST 2110 Implementation on Dante

Learn more about Audinate’s release of SMPTE ST 2110 interoperability and pre-existing AES67 implementation

At Audinate, we felt the release of ST 2110 interoperability was a good time to share our vision for how Dante and open standards work together. This white paper also offers clarity on some myths and misconceptions we hear in the market today, especially around PTPv1 and PTPv2.

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Audio Networking in Higher Education: Transforming Facilities, Workflows and the Student Experience with Dante

Find out how Audinate’s Dante can transform what educators do with campus audio with the inclusion of Dante Domain Manager.

Whether you are trying to facilitate recording a lecture by a visiting scholar, give and record a performance in a space using equipment already setup in another area on campus, or distribute the play-by-play action of Friday night’s big game to students from locations all around the school, Dante Domain Manager is the complete network management solution for your campus!

In this white paper, find out how Dante and Dante Domain Manager can solve problems unique to campus AV systems and transform campus facilities, workflows and the student experience.

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AES67, Networked Audio, and the Impulse Towards Interoperability

Pro Sound News Europe provides an insight into the objectives, benefits and limitations of the AES67 AoIP networked audio standard

  • An overview of IP-based networking and where AES67 fits in
  • AES67 interoperability features, strengths and limitations
  • The elements required for successful networked audio
  • Dante and AES67
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Audio Networking Trends 2016 – Global Survey Results

The largest annual audio networking survey results are in! Learn the trends from RH Consulting’s latest survey

Audio professionals need to know what’s happening in the industry in order to serve their clients and attract new ones.

This 2016 independent survey from RH Consulting draws on audio professionals around the globe. It answers the questions – HOw fast is audio networking growing? Which audio networking protocols are being used, and why? The trends are clear for those wondering about the future of AVB, Cobranet, Dante, EtherSound and RAVENNA.

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Dante Digital Audio Networking vs. Analog: A Real World Comparison of Cost and Complexity in Three Common Installations

Dante has opened the door to a new world of custom-designed, feature-rich AV systems without the prohibitive costs.

Performance, versatility AND affordability?

Integrators, consultants and their customers looking for an audio system that offered a simple design that was easy to install, yet delivered high performance, versatility and a reasonable price used to be out of luck. Then Audinate launched its Dante audio networking solution and their luck changed.

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