Dante Connect - Los Angeles, California

Wednesday, November 9, 2022
09:00 - 17:00 (GMT-0800) United States (Los Angeles) Time
Hilton Los Angeles North/Glendale, Glendale, CA, United States

Join us at Dante Connect, a free, one-day event coming to Los Angeles, California this fall covering all things Dante.

At Dante Connect, you’ll experience the new Dante video solutions including Dante AV and Dante Studio along with new applications in Dante audio. You’ll also see the latest Dante-enabled products on the market from some of the most prominent AV manufacturers in the industry together in one room.

Need some hands-on Dante training? We’re also offering training courses for you to choose from: An introduction to Dante, managed switch configuration and intermediate and advanced Dante Certification, plus special presentations for AV designers, consultants, integrators, engineers and network managers.

We look forward to having you join us and be on the forefront of the Dante revolution that started 15 years ago.

Date: November 9, 2022
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (registration opens at 8:30 am)

Morning session open to all attendees
Optional afternoon session by registration only

Lunch will be provided
Cost: Free (registration required)
Language: English

Hilton Los Angeles North/Glendale 
100 West Glenoaks Blvd. 
Glendale, CA 91202 

Morning Agenda (all attendees)

Time Glendale Grand Ballroom Salons 1-4
9:00 AM Welcome, introduction and event overview
9:15 AM Audinate Company Vision and Update

Josh Rush, Audinate CMO, will discuss where Dante has been, where it is now and look at where Dante is going to be in the future
9:45 AM Dante AV: The Ultimate Mix of AV and IT

Patrick Killianey Senior Technical Training Manager at Audinate and Tim Godby, Product Marketing Manager at Bolin Technology, will dive into Dante AV Ultra, Dante AV-H and Dante Studio and how it’s the Ultimate Mix of AV and IT 
10:30 AM Dante Domain Manager Demo

Dante Domain Manager is more useful and more relevant than ever before. Luke Heckel, System Solutions Sales Manager Americas, Audinate will touch on how DDM can improve your workflow, your efficiency, and your user experience in operating and maintaining your Dante network.
11:10 AM Sponsor Showcase
11:30 AM Dante in the Field: Today and Tomorrow

Frank Padikklala, Technical Sales Engineer at Audinate will moderate a panel of well-known industry engineers and will touch on recent Dante based designs and use cases.

Afternoon Agenda

Time Glendale Grand Ballroom Salons 1-4 Grand Ballroom Salon A Grand Ballroom Salon B&C
1:00 PM Dante Certification Level 2, Second Edition, Abridged (Patrick Killianey) Dante Introduction/Bootcamp – Get Savvy in Minutes! (Justin Alquist) - REACHED CAPACITY Deciphering Security (Frank Padikkala)
2:30 PM Sponsor Showcase Sponsor Showcase
3:00 PM Sponsor Showcase    
3:15 PM   Introduction to Managed Switch Configuration (Patrick Killianey) - REACHED CAPACITY Designing Beyond Boundaries with Dante (Kathryn Taub)
3:30 PM Dante Certification Level 3, Second Edition, Abridged (Justin Alquist)
5:15 PM Happy Hour


Course Descriptions

Dante Introduction/Bootcamp – Get Savvy in Minutes! (1 hour 45 min) - REACHED CAPACITY

(Classroom 1)
Intended audience: Beginner Dante users
Pre-Requisites: Dante Certification Level 1 (2nd Edition) Recommended 

This session offers a hands-on experience, with small groups of users sharing systems at tables. Attendees should bring their laptop and have Dante Controller installed so they can control the system, and feed music to it. Once everyone has created the systems at their tables, we will join all tables together for a larger scale system. 

For those who have never worked with AVoIP before, this “push-start” is just the ticket to gain a practical understanding of how Dante works. This class is also a great experience for those who design or work on Dante systems, but someone else manages the network for them. 

Introduction to Managed Switch Configuration (1 hour 45 min) - REACHED CAPACITY

(Classroom 1)
Intended audience: Intermediate to advanced Dante users
Pre-requisites: Must have passed Dante Certification Level 2 (2nd Edition). 

This session offers a hands-on experience, with each table having their own Cisco CBS-350 switch to configure. Using the web interface, we will establish administrative access, turn off EEE and optimize traffic using QoS and IGMP Snooping. For high-bandwidth links, a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) will be established. As time permits, we may also tackle VLANs and trunk lines. 

This class is for those who have never used a managed switch and would like a brief introduction. This is ideal for AV technicians who are taking on more responsibility with network management or whose Dante networks are growing to the point that it may be wise to engage some managed switch features.  

Registration Notes: Because this class requires a network switch per student, the number of seats is limited. This course is ideal for technical associates or business partners to take the class together. When the class fills up, we will have a link for wait list so you can be bumped in if someone drops out. 

Dante Certification Training

The Dante Certification Training at Dante Connect focuses on the same content Audinate’s on-demand learning at https://audinate.com/certify. The live and on-demand classes complement each other, and we know many students enjoy taking the class in both forms. 

Live classes offer an opportunity to ask questions of the instructors and see some real Dante equipment in action. However, as these steps can eat up some time, to make things fit, the class will skip over some chapters that are more self-explanatory and leave them for the on-demand class. 

The Dante Certification tests are taken online. Time is not allotted in the class to do this - attendees can take the tests at home. However, at NAMM, we have also allocated time between classes so students would have sufficient time to take the test and still have a moderate break. Attendees can use the public Wi-Fi to log in and take the tests. Instructors will be available to keep the room open and answer any questions before or after the test. 

Dante Certification Level 2, Second Edition, Abridged (2 hours)

(Classroom 2)
Intended Audience: Intermediate Dante users
Pre-requisite: Dante Certification Level 1, Second Edition

Dante Certification Level 2 (2nd Edition) builds the necessary skillset to confidently design, set up, operate and troubleshoot Dante systems that span multiple network switches. A combination of live and pre-recorded demonstrations (due to required scale or elapsed time) will bring these features to life. 

Dante Certification Level 3, Second Edition, Abridged (2 hours)

(Classroom 2)
Intended Audience: Advanced Dante users
Pre-requisite: Dante Certification Level 2, Second Edition

Dante Certification Level 3 (2nd Edition) tackles the fundamentals of Layer 3 enterprise networks and operating on converged networks. Dante Domain Manager™ is a key piece of this puzzle - this class explains the role Dante Domain Manager plays, how it enables more network capability and offers a view of the server itself. Time in the class is also spent on individual IP sockets that create the Dante solution, helpful for troubleshooting or commissioning on highly secured networks. This 2nd Edition of Level 3 is significantly different than the original Level 3 class. This new version brings the challenges of a Layer 3 network to life in a more relatable way, and shows the solutions in examples. 

Special Presentations

Designing Beyond Boundaries with Dante (1 hour 30 min) 

(Classroom 3)
Intended Audience: AV / IT Professionals of all levels 
Pre-requisite: Level 1 Dante Certification, Level 2 Recommended

This session covers Dante audio and Dante AV system design considerations and best practices for both unmanaged and managed deployments. Topics include bridging dissimilar audio networks, clocking options, and scalable network design for audio and video, from single switch systems to WAN and cloud implementations.  

Deciphering Security (1 hour 30 min) 

(Classroom 3)
Intended Audience: AV / IT Professionals of all levels
Pre-requisite: None

This session dives into the world of Information Security. Having an understanding of security is mandatory in today’s world of converged technologies. As more and more AV systems begin utilizing networks and platforms, it’s important to have security embedded into every phase of the project and as early as possible. We will touch on the important terms in network and cybersecurity and on how to build your teams up to be security conscious.