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Dante Training at InfoComm 2023 - Orlando, FL

Thursday, June 15, 2023
09:00 - 15:30 (GMT-0500) United States (New York) Time
9800 International Drive, Orlando, FL, United States

Audinate will be hosting Dante training courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced Dante users at InfoComm 2023 on Thursday, June 15.

Date: June 15, 2023

Registration for InfoComm is required. Manufacturer Training Session registration is hosted through InfoComm.

(Manufacturers’ Training Sessions are included with the purchase of an Education Pass, D=SIGN Conference, or Enterprise IT Conference pass. If you do not have one of these passes, you may purchase a Manufacturers’ Training Pass which provides access to all Manufacturers' Training sessions.)


West Concourse Building
Room W311CD
9800 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819


Dante Introduction/Bootcamp – Get Savvy in Minutes! (9:00 - 10:00 am) - ROOM W311CD

Prerequisites: Dante Certification Level 1 (2nd Edition) Recommended

Requirements: An Apple or Windows computer with USB C port or bring your own dongle with network capabilities

This session offers a hands-on experience with small groups of users sharing systems at tables. Attendees should bring their laptop and have Dante Controller installed so they can control the system and feed music to it. Once everyone has created the systems at their tables, we will join all tables together for a larger scale system. For those who have never worked with AVoIP before, this “push-start” is just the ticket to gain a practical understanding of how Dante works. This class is also a great experience for those who design or work on Dante systems, but someone else manages the network for them.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion, students will be able to take the knowledge they learned from the Dante Certification, Level 1 (second Edition) and be able to apply it to a hands-on experience using only Dante Gear
  • Upon completion, students will have built an unmanaged Dante ecosystem from the ground up, by plugging devices into a network switch to send audio around the Dante Ecosystem without a single XLR cable
  • Upon completion, students will have a basic understanding of Dante controller and will be able to name and organize devices, make subscriptions between devices, and send data around the network with a click of a button.

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Dante: Introduction to Managed Switch Configuration (11:00 am - 1:00 pm) - ROOM W311CD

Prerequisites: Must have passed Dante Certification Level 2 (2nd Edition).

Requirements: Bring your own Apple or Windows computer with an RJ45 Ethernet port (or a USB to Ethernet adapter). Configuration is not possible over WiFi.

This session offers a hands-on experience, with each table of 4 students sharing a Cisco CBS-350 switch to configure. Using the web interface, each team will establish administrative access, turn off EEE and optimize traffic using QoS and IGMP Snooping. For high-bandwidth links, a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) will be established. Configurations will be exported and imported. If the team moves ahead quickly, exercises in VLANs and inter-VLAN routing are also available.

This class is for those who have never used a managed switch and would like a brief introduction. This is ideal for AV technicians who are taking on more responsibility with network management or whose Dante networks are growing to the point that it may be wise to engage some managed switch features.

Lessons learned will help the student learn how to manage small to medium networks, and offer a better perspective when interfacing with IT professionals on Enterprise networks.

While this class works with the Cisco CBS350 switch, the concepts are generic in nature and can be applied to any network switch. In fact, while the lessons are taught using Dante AVoIP equipment, the lessons apply equally well to control systems, lighting, security or even your home network.

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Dante: Kickstart on Dante Domain Manager (DDM) Installation and Operation (1:30 - 3:30 pm) - ROOM W311CD

Prerequisites: Must have passed Dante Certification Level 3 (2nd Edition).

Requirements: Bring your own Apple or Windows computer with an RJ45 Ethernet port (or a USB to Ethernet adapter). WiFi access is not reliable/predictable in temporary trade show environments.

This class begins with a short refresher of some core Dante Domain Manager (DDM) functions and shows how to install DDM on a virtual machine on a server. From there, students (in groups of 4) will take equipment on their table, enroll it with DDM to secure the access, organize the devices in domains and share streams to devices across a Layer 3 environment.

This class is appropriate for AV and IT professionals alike. It is imperative that they have passed Dante Certification Level 3 so the core concepts are understood.

  • Attendees move from a theoretical understanding of networking concepts learned from Dante Certification Levels 2-3 (2nd Edition), and apply the skills to a physical, hands-on experience. This is the difference between reading about riding a bike and actually riding a bike.
  • Attendees will learn about the differences in hardware between servers and personal computers, as well as what a hypervisor is. Then they see an installation of the hypervisor and server from start to finish.
  • Attendees will learn how to use DDM to organize devices into domains, engage authentication security and allow streams to naturally cross a network in a Layer 3 environment.

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