Commentary Systems

Lance Design - ADX-2400

The ADX-2400D is the AES version of the ADX system head-end unit. It provides the network interface for 24 channels of AES digital audio in each direction (inputs and outputs).

Lance Design - ADX-140

The ADX-140 XLR Interface panel provides four mic/line inputs, two wet/dry IFB outputs, and two RTS-format PL channels in a network-connected 1RU unit. Applications include broadcast announce booths, interview positions, locker rooms, etc.

Lance Design - ADX-8000

The ADX-8000 is a layer-2 Ethernet Switch and redundant power supplies for use with ADX-120 announce units and ADX-140 XLR Interface units. It provides highly-reliable Ethernet connections over single-mode ST fiber ports, and fully-redundant power for the ADX-120s.

Lance Design - ADX-120

The ADX-120 Networked Announce / Talkback unit provides a fully-featured solution for television and radio announce booths. All required functions are included, including support for RTS format two-wire PL and IFB beltpacks. The ADX-120 is widely used in high-end sports and entertainment broadcast events. See for more information.

Glensound - VITA

The VITA is often used as a remote link to the main commentary unit. It is favoured by pitch side interviewers, and is popular in combinations with wireless systems.

Glensound - Express ip

The Express ip was designed to provide a quick and easy solution when it is necessary to provide interfacing for two commentators, with simple facilities, into a Dante network audio network.