Conference Systems

Conference systems are also known as voice networking systems.

Relacart - WDC-903

WDC-903 digital wireless conference discussion system, with professional appearance design, perfect circuit composition and stable functional characteristics, can be cooperated with VTS-2000 automatic video tracking system and central control system to achieve functional diversification of modern high-tech conference. 

Taiden - HCS-8300MAD/FS/50

Taiden's HCS-8300 Series is the first Paperless Multimedia Congress System in the world. It is especially designed for high-level meetings, such as summits, congresses, conventions, parliaments and city councils

Relacart - CM-300M

CS-300 is a simple and affordable conference discussion system. With exquisite design, focusing on application of various conferences, the newly developed sound activate mode, the participants don’t need operating manually, just speaking to microphones directly, the microphone unit can be started to speak, simple to use, fully applicable to the various conference locations.

Bosch - DICENTIS Interpreter desk

Speaking the language of the interpreter is what the DICENTIS Interpreter desk is designed to do. By observing and interviewing expert interpreters and technicians worldwide, the desk has been optimized for the real-life needs of interpreters.