Dante Interface Cards

Dante Interface Cards are also known as Dante Option Cards. Audio equipment is often designed with card slots to increase the flexibility of their device. The slots allow the user to buy and install the specific capabilities they need, and update as technology changes, without having to replace the entire piece of equpment. For example, many users started replacing CobraNet and other I/O cards with Dante interface cards when Dante became the most popular audio networking technology.


The DPA-DAC4 accessory card is designed to work in conjunction with DPA Series 4-channel amplifiers. The DPA-DAC4 is a 4-input Dante™ receiver that features digital audio transportation over standard IP networks.

Clear-Com - E-Dante64-HX

E-DANTE64-HX is a Dante interface card for the Eclipse HX matrix systems (Omega, Median and Delta). It supports DANTE and is AES67 compatible, allowing users to transport up to 64 channels of high quality audio to multiple Dante-enabled devices using standard Ethernet network infrastructure

Lynx Studio Technology - LT-Dante

LT-DANTE LSlot interface for its Lynx Aurora and Hilo converters. The LT-DANTE is a Dante™ enabled expansion card for audio networking that connects Hilo and Aurora with other Dante-enabled products over Ethernet-based networks. This can be purchased factory installed into Hilo, Aurora 8 and Aurora 16 converters as Hilo-DNT, Aurora 8-DNT and Aurora 16-DNT respectively. The LT-DANTE can also be purchased separately to be used in any Hilo or Aurora converter.