DSPs (Digital Signal Processors)

Xilica - Solaro FR1

Unleash your creativity and customize your I/O count with the new, all-modular, ultra-high-performance Solaro FR1 DSP. From it’s ultra-powerful dual core processor, new-generation Linux® operating system and easy-to-configure open-architecture framework, to its 16 individual field-swappable card slots — Solaro FR1 is designed to allow integrators, specifiers and end-users unlimited creativity.

Xilica - Solaro QR1

Big features, without the big footprint. Meet Xilica's new quarter-rack-width DSP. With outstanding performance delivered through a dual-core Linux® backbone, Solaro QR1 guards sound quality as its number one priority. With Solaro series, simply buy the frame, choose your cards, and configure to your exact needs.