DSPs (Digital Signal Processors)

d&b audiotechnik - DS100

The d&b DS100 Signal Engine is a specialized rack-mount 3 RU audio processor with Audinate Dante networking. It provides a 64 x 64 audio matrix with level and delay adjustments at all cross points.The comprehensive input processing provides gain, EQ, delay, and polarity switches, enabling the user to combine all types of input signals to create a mix from a wide variety of sources. Extended processing capabilities are also provided on every output. Two optional software modules provide dynamic object-based positioning and emulated acoustics functions.

Apex Audio - Intelli-X3 648

The Intelli-X3 series combines intuitive control software with fast and fully-featured system management processing. The Intelli-series sets the new benchmark in audio system management with Dante audio over IP networking capability supporting full network redundancy.

Kingray - MAP0808-DT

MAP0808-DT, is a highly cost-effective professional DSP digital audio conferencing processor which based on 4 in 4 out audio interface of Dante. It is designed to provide the most suitable sound source processing and on-site control for the mainstream market. The processor has eight analog input and eight analog output, based on the ADI 300 MIPS processing rate of DSP chip, meet the daily processing functions.

Xilica - Solaro FR1

Unleash your creativity and customize your I/O count with the new, all-modular, ultra-high-performance Solaro FR1 DSP. From it’s ultra-powerful dual core processor, new-generation Linux® operating system and easy-to-configure open-architecture framework, to its 16 individual field-swappable card slots — Solaro FR1 is designed to allow integrators, specifiers and end-users unlimited creativity.

Xilica - Solaro QR1

Big features, without the big footprint. Meet Xilica's new quarter-rack-width DSP. With outstanding performance delivered through a dual-core Linux® backbone, Solaro QR1 guards sound quality as its number one priority. With Solaro series, simply buy the frame, choose your cards, and configure to your exact needs.