I/O Interfaces

I/O Interfaces are also known as break out boxes, break-in boxes, and other names.

Focusrite - Red 16Line

Red 16Line is a 64x64 Pro Tools | HD™ and dual Thunderbolt™ 3 audio interface with ultra-low latency A-D/D-A conversion, Red Evolution mic preamps, up to 121dB dynamic range, ultra-low round trip latency, and expansion over Ethernet for networked audio.

DirectOut - EXBOX.MD

EXBOX.MD is a Dante/MADI Converter with optical (SC), coaxial (BNC) and SFP MADI interface for straight-forward conversion of 64 audio channels between MADI and Dante. The unit can be powered by up to two external power supplies and Power over Ethernet. Four Network ports allow for switched and redundant operation mode.

Kingray - DIF440

DIF440 is based on the international general agreement with 4 in 4 out audio interface of Dante and based on Dante Ultimo latest chip solutions, can realize the analog audio signal access, converted to digital audio signal by Dante protocol access to any Dante audio transmission network equipment, realize high quality, long distance, the transmission properties of low latency, and to ensure that the audio signal is the most real reduction.