The DMIC01 network microphone has built-in Dante and PoE modules. Direct access to the Dante network provides a low latency, high precision and low cost solution for point-to-point audio connections.

Monacor - ECM-300DT

The wired, Dante®-enabled gooseneck microphone can conveniently be integrated into a Dante® Audio over IP network and provides an excellent voice transmission for fixed installations in shops, hotels, in pubs and restaurants, in schools or indoor sports facilities. 

RAmi Audio - PRT666D

Le PRT666D est un pupitre micro multifonctionnel avec connectivité Dante. Il a été étudié pour répondre à de nombreuses utilisations en mobile ou en installation permanente.

Lectrosonics - D Squared System

uared digital wireless microphone platform utilizes the Lectrosonics 4th-generation digital architecture for excellent flexibility, ultra-fast setup, studio quality audio, and ultra-low latency. 

Clockaudio - TIM-1000

The Tracking Intelligent Microphone (TIM) breaks the mould for ceiling microphones. Designed for use in AV conference and huddle room applications.

Audix - M70WD

The M70WD is a steerable, flush-mount condenser microphone designed for distance miking in a variety of applications, including video conferencing, distance learning, hospital rooms, surveillance, and ambient room miking.

Audix - M55WD

The M55WD is an innovative, hanging ceiling microphone system designed for applications where aesthetics, sound quality, and ease of installation are critical. All electronics are fully integrated with high sensitivity and low noise.

Audio-Technica - ATUC-IRCUDAN

The 19" rack-mountable ATUC-IRCUDAN allows for the use of both infrared and wired discussion units, providing 24-bit/48 kHz digital signal processing (with 12-band feedback suppressor), automated gain control (AGC), mic gain and mic EQ for each connected discussion unit.

Relacart - MAS-D

The MAS-D Microphone Array System adopts a metal streamlined desktop design, which is stylish and succinct.