AtlasIED - IED5401CS

The 5401CS is a push-to-talk switch only digital microphone station. It is a network appliance with a unique IP address that requires no configuration. 

AtlasIED - IED5404CS

The IED5404CS digital microphone station is a 4-button device for initiating audio / visual announcements, messages and pages with the 5400ACS Announcement Control Systems.

AKG - DSR800

The DSR800 reference two-channel digital wireless receiver provides an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to 150MHz for reliable operation with the flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of applicat

ClearOne - WS800 Series

The ClearOne Wireless Dante microphones interoperate with other Dante devices from any supplier including ClearOne Dante products such as the new CONVERGE Matrix and the CONNECT Dante bridge for CONVERGE.

AKG - DMS800

The DMS800, reference digital wireless microphone system is designed to provide accurate signal transmission and reliability in theaters, conferences, live productions and tour sound applications.

Sennheiser - EM 9046 Receiver

The Sennheiser EM 9046 microphone receiver incorporates up to 8 digital receiving channels, each with 328 MHz of switching bandwidth covering the UHF spectrum from 470 to 798 MHz. 

Sennheiser - Digital 9000

The Digital 9000 system has been developed for all professional users in broadcast studios, theatres and live performances unwilling to comprise on sound.

Shure - Microflex Wireless

Microflex Wireless microphone systems bring modern design and vivid, lifelike sound to signature boardrooms and AV conferencing environments.

Audio-Technica - ATND971

Audio-Technica has bridged the gap between audio and IT with the first wired microphones that transmit audio and control data together over the Dante network protocol.